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[ficcage] If I don't tell you which pairing it is, will you be able to find out?

Title: Dreams and Sorrow
Author: aquabeauty3
Pairing: If I don't tell you which one it is, will you be able to find out?
Rating: G, unless your crazy imagination makes it R
Disclaimer: Did I ever say I own Fullmetal Alchemist? NO~!
Comments: I was listening to Kanashimi no Kizu while writing this, so yeah... It is my very first fic and it's reaaaaaaally short. ;)
Warnings: Your imagination, ineptitude to express myself well in English

Once again, I was trembling in his hands. Once again, I was feeling the warmth and safety that only he could give me. I looked at him straight in his raven-colored eyes. He just smiled back to me. This was enough for me to understand that he felt the same as me.

"Oh my...", I sighed. "If this is a dream, please, don't wake me up..."

"Don't worry my dear", he replied. "I won't."

Our faces came close to each other. I could even feel his breath on my face. Then, I closed my eyes, being certain that a dream of a lifetime was being fulfilled at that very moment. Happiness was overflowing from my chest, so much that I felt like I was going to explode. My head was heavy... It was like there were bells in it, ringing like crazy.

I opened my eyes. I was still in my bed, looking at the ceiling above my head and the alarm clock ringing on the small table next to my bed.

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