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A new AMV from Safty

Title : "All he wanted"
Anime : "Full Metal Alchemist"
Song : "All You Wanted (Was somebody who cared.)"
Artist : Michelle Branch
Comments : There are some heavy spoilers towards the end of the AMV, So if you haven't seen the end of the series I suggest you avoid this like the plague. On the other hand if you HAVE seen the end of the series or like to be spoiled ( Like me!) Then go ahead and watch to your heart's content. Not one of my best works..it did have a story at the start then it started to center more around Edward rather than both him and Alphonse...bah I'll remake this when I get better footage.
Linkage : http://s10.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1ZCRY7VVI2Q2K2ZHC0KZ6X5X5R

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