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Fandom Survey Part Two

Thanks so much for everyone's responses on the FMA Fandom Survey. ^_^ It was great to see everyone's responses, and I'm glad that everyone took the time and interest to participate.

I would like to post an analysis of the survey sometime later in the week, after I have the chance to go through the individual posts and tally them up. If you have not yet taken the time to respond, you can do so here. To make it easier to have a final count, I'll give everyone until September 13th at Midnight, Eastern Standard Time to finish up their answers. Any posts after that will not be accounted for, as I'll probably have already started my analysis. (Mods, if there's any way to freeze/lock that post by that time, that would also make things a lot easier.)

Thanks again for participating, and expect a report by the end of the week! ^_^


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