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[Fic] Changed For Good - Chapter 11

Title: Changed for Good - Chapter 11: Everything Goes to Hell
Author: miss_arel
Rating: Overall, NC-17; this chapter is PG.
Summary: The fallout, the trial, the aftermath.
Spoilers: As always, yes.
Word Count: 4423

What is Changed For Good? Changed For Good is a project I started last August, based on a very simple idea: What if, back in episode 7, Ed and Al hadn't arrived too late? What if they had saved Nina, but at a price? Now it's eleven chapters long, over 130 pages long, close to 60,000 words and spanning eight years of storyline. It is, in short, the longest thing I've ever written, and I hope that you'll read and enjoy it. Despite my inability to summarize things in an interesting way.

Missed a chapter? All previous chapters of Changed For Good are archived on Skyehawke and Ficwad.

( Everything Goes to Hell )

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