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FMA Fandom Survey

Without getting completely bashed for this, I'd like to conduct a little survey, so as to get a better understanding of the type of people we have here in our little comm.

I do pray that this is not "off-topic," but if you ABSOLUTELY feel the need to delete it, go ahead.

This is a completely optional survey, and if you don't want to answer a certain question, then by all means, don't. I just wanted to do this so we could all see the different types of people we have here.

The Fullmetal Alchemist Fandom Survey

1. Are you male or female?
2. What age group do you fall in?
A. 11 and under
B. 12 - 15
C. 16 - 18
D. 19 - 21
E. 22 - 25
F. 25 and up
3. If you live in America, what state/region are you located in? If you're outside of America, what country do you live in?
4. How did you hear about FMA?
5. Do you read the manga?
6. Have you seen the movie?
7. Have you played any of the games?
8. Sub or dub? (One-word answer; DO NOT WANK OVER THIS)
9. Do you speak Japanese, even if it's only a little bit?
10. Do you speak another language besides English or Japanese?
11. Do you watch/read any other anime/manga? Name a few.
12. What are some of your other interests outside of otaku-dom?
13. Are you a gamer?
14. Are you a Broadway geek?
15. If you had to classify yourself, what would it be? (Punk, goth, prep, skater, etc. etc.)
16. Do you own any FMA merchandise? How about for other anime/manga?
17. Where do you normally shop?
18. What kind of music do you like?
19. What FMA pairings do you support, if any? (Once again, no wank please)
20. And lastly: How long have you been a member of this community?


1. Female.
2. C. 16 - 18
3. Florida.
4. I kept seeing stuff about it on the internet, and I started watching it when it came on AS.
5. I've read what's in America so far, because my computer is far too slow for manga torrents.
6. Not yet ><;
7. Nope.
8. Dub. *ducks*
9. I'm learning, slowly but surely.
10. Nah. I tried Spanish and French and it killed me.
11. Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, anything Yuu Watase -- just to name a few.
12. Music, art, theatre, etc.
13. Not really.
14. Yes. XD
15. I hate to classify myself, but I'm sure most people would pin me as a punk/goth.
16. I own a TON of FMA stuff. XP And various other anime merch.
17. Hot Topic, bitchezzz.
18. J-Rock and anime music, mostly, but I like what I like.
19. EdxWinry, Royai, RoyxHughes.
20. Not sure; can't have been long after I saw the AS dub. Probably around February.

You can either post your answers in a comment, or just email/AIM me with them if you don't feel like commenting. I'd really appreciate it if everyone could do this; call it a scientific survey, if you will. But I think it should be interesting, nonetheless. Please and thanks!

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