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Fullmetal Alchemist chapter 51 summary.

I don't take credit for writing this at all, it's from an acquantice who knows japanese, but I decided to post it here since I'm sure plenty of you wanna know what's going on as far as dialogue is concerned. Enjoy.

Full Metal Alchemist 51 - The Dark Gate

Ed explores the area he's arrived in a bit, calling out for Al, Gluttony, and the "stupid prince". The third one gets him a response, and Ling comes in, saying not to call him "stupid". Ed is hesitant at first, thinking it might be Envy, but Ling takes the opportunity to complain about the fact that Ed didn't let him finish the meal he ordered at the hotel (back...what, 10 chapters ago?), and Ed realizes he's talking to the real deal. Ling suspects the same thing, and calls Ed short, which gets an Ed-rage reaction, and thusly confirms that Ed is the real Ed as well. The two realize they need to find their way out, but Ling says that since arriving, he's just been wandering through an unending darkness. Ed doesn't believe him, and takes the lead, and looks around, finally finding the fire Ling used to light his torch, which he realizes was created by Mustang, and figures out that they were swallowed by Gluttony, which leads the two to wonder how they got to where they are after being swallowed. The two explore more, finding more proof of what happened, including Al's hand, which is taken as proof that the rest of his body isn't with them. Ed tries to use the hand to communicate with Al, but Ling has no interest in it, and moves on. The two continue walking and looking for clues to an exit, realizing that despite the darkness, they're not under a night sky, given the lack of stars. Ed says he'll make his own exit, but Ling comments that there's nowhere to make one. Ed creates a small damn to get to dry floor and makes a hole in it, but when they drop the torch to check the depth, it never seems to land, so they realize it'd be better to find a wall to go through, cursing over the fact that area is so large.

Back in the real world, Mei is trying to find her panda, and sobbing horribly, with Yoki trying (and failing) to calm her down. Mei tells about Shaolin, and how it's apparently sickly, which is why its so small. Her family is the lowest ranked among the nobles of Xing, and because of that, she became attached to the weak creature. Her family wouldn't let her raise it, but she took care of it anyway, and got punished. Yoki comments that she must have been cast out, which is why she came to Amestris, and she that she's actually come seeking immortality, as a way to save her family from possible destruction, and comes back to thinking of Shaolin, setting her off crying again. Scar gets up and decides that he'll take her to look for her pet as thanks for taking care of him. Mei is surprised, and Yoki comments that it's probably because Scar knows what it's like to have one's family destroyed. Scar tells her to come along, and she follows, calling him Yoki's subordinate. Scar tells her not to call him that, and when she asks his name, he says he doesn't have one, so to call him whatever she wants. She decides on "Mr. Button", which he also dislikes, and the two go off with her trying to think of something.

Back in the darkness, Ed fires a gun in several directions to try to listen for the location of the closest wall, but neither he nor Ling find any trace of one. The two have lost all sense of time and distance and are starting to feel rather morbid. Ling, starving, finally decides to give up, and Ed says that'll get nothing done, then acts like he doesn't care to push Ling along. However, even with that, Ling is simply willing to give up. Ed won't have it, though, and finally slings Ling over his shoulder and carries him along. Ed says he can't give up, because there's someone waiting for him to return, and the same goes for Ling, so he has to come too. However, even Ed's strength hits its limits, and the two stop to rest. Both are starving, and then Ed realizes that he can transmute the sea of blood they've been walking through into food. After the two eat a bit, Ling apologizes, since Ed got trapped trying to protect him. Ed says he didn't do anything special, and goes on speculating about where it is they are. Ling asks if they should go back the way they came, and Ed thinks that's a good idea. Ling's still tired, but agrees for a moment, then tells Ed to wait, as something's closing in on them. It turns out to be Envy, who was surprised to see them both there. Ed begs to know the location of the exit from him, and Ling gets angry at him for being so light on an enemy, but Ed's just desparate for escape. Envy, however, tells them that there is no exit; once they've been swallowed, that's it. Ling gets annoyed at Envy, who explains that they were swallowed, but they're not inside Gluttony anymore, and tells Ed that he should know where they are. Ed realizes he does feel a certain familiarity towards the place, and realizes that it's from the "Gate of Truth". He says that's impossible, though, as the appearance of this place is totally different...there's no see of blood, and it's totally white, instead of black. Envy asks if that's what the real one likes, and Envy explains that where they are now is an imitation Gate of Truth made inside Gluttony by "Father". Ling asks what the Gate of Truth is, but Envy continues on that Father tried to create a "real" Gate of Truth, but didn't have the power, and failed, creating this place. He says further that there's no way to leave, and nothing for them to do but wait for their strength to give out for them to die.

Neither Ed nor Ling can believe this, and Ed starts getting frightened about Al all alone, especially after Ed promised to help him get his body back. He starts wondering about the Gate itself and why it would need to be opened, then comes back to "Father". He asks Envy who "Father" is, anyway, thinking it might be King Bradley. Envy says that a kid like Bradley couldn't be his "Father", and Ling's surprised to hear Bradley called a "kid", while Ed is to confirm that Bradley is artificial. Ed asks if that means Bradley really is behind all the human experiments and the Ishbal massacre. Envy is amused to hear this, and asks if Ed knows how the war began. Ed mentions it started when a military officer shot a child beggar. Envy replies that that's correct, and that it was Envy himself who was the "soldier" that did it. Envy goes on about how much he enjoys killing fragile humans, and Ed interrupts, asking him if he's really the one responsible for all the massacre, for the death of Winry's parents, for Scar's rage, and everything else, and takes a shot at him, which doesn't seem to do any damage. Envy asks if he really wants to fight, and says that since they'll all be dying anyway, he'll show them something special. Ling realizes that Envy's been hiding something the whole time, and the two are shocked to see Envy transform into a giant beast. Ling asks how this creature could be called an artifical human and Envy, in multiple voices, asks what they think of his current form. In another voice, he tells them not to look at him, and hits Ed hard as Ed thinks of Al all alone.

In reality again, Al's with Gluttony, and Gluttony's frightened, having swallowed a "human sacrifice" as well as Envy, and says that Father will be angry with him. Al asks about Gluttony's "Father", wondering if he means the one who created the Homunculus. Al then realizes that he can't just leave Ed for dead after their promise, and that he still has plenty of support. He tells Gluttony to take him to "Father". Meanwhile, outside HQ, Hawkeye waits impatiently for Roy.

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