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I'm posting this in response to the post zrana made earlier. We're looking forward to a new wave of folks in the chatroom. But Zrana's been away for a while and hasn't been kept up to date with all the stuff that has happened so here is just an update on protocol and ettiquette so that everyone can have a good time and we don't have to worry about folks getting into huge fights and so we can HOPEFULLY avoid any wank.

The following post will outline the keyplayers in the chatroom adminstration and moderation structure. Also, it will outline the rules for the aforementioned chatroom. We're looking at a whole new season and a whole new wave of patrons. We're going to have some good times. Let's make sure they stay good times.

samaside/sparklesonastick - It's me, your humble administrator. I started out here as just a fan and regular patron until this spring. The chatroom was falling apart bit by bit, old players were long gone, and in an attempt to keep the chat going, I stepped up to the plate. Since then I've worked a lot on structure and adding a large number of folks to our midsts.

zrana/Piano Raiel - The person we blame this entire thing on. It was here idea and she founded the chat. So we can blame everything that goes wrong on her shamelessly! =D

Original Moderators:
celira/Celira of Wind, sir_riza/The Sir Riza, and zrana/Piano Raiel - These guys helped set up the chatroom and were the first moderators.

Rule Manager:
adalove/rubiconcr0ssing - Our girl here posts the chatroom rules every night of a special event. She's one of the wittiest people I know and she makes it a point to both threaten and amuse. But she's not kidding about those projectile pringels cans, folks.

Super Moderators:
These are the kids who will pwn your ass if you do not abide by the rules. They're great folks but don't mess with them. They'll put you in a whole world of hurt.


Alter Moderators:
These are the back up moderators for if we wind up with more rooms than just one. This is not an uncommon occurance and with a rising number of guests and patrons, it'd be a smart idea for us to prepare.

lady_agrias/Soup Alchemist
celira/Celira of Wind

There were more but I can't remember their LJs so they need to IM me with them. Also, we will appoint more as they are needed.

- NO yaoi/yuri/hentai in excess....... honestly we don't mind it but if someone does please respect them until they leave.
- NO SPOILERS (not everyone's seen it all)
- NO giving out the chatroom name... only the administration and moderators will advertise
- NO SPAM under any circumstances
- NO excessive crack (Saturdays only.... I mean... Hellcon... without crack? O.o)
- NO harassing the Risembool Ranger group... we uphold the doctrine of peaceful coexistance
- FIFTEEN SECOND PAUSE. This is the most sacred rule. This order will only be posted by a moderator or administrator. When it is posted, you STOP. Whatever you are doing, you stop and count slowly to fifteen. No posting, no speaking, nothing. For fifteen seconds.
- Treat our guests and patrons with respect... there will be no elitism
- Lighten up and have fun! We're a very lucky group.

- NO BOLD for anyone except SuperMods and the Administrator unless permitted by to make an announcement by the administration.
- NO background colors

Rules subject to change and addition. So check this post often!

So, with that.... Welcome to Hellcon!

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