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NEW Comm : Blond Guys OT3 : AlphonsexEdwardxAlfons Community

Hi guys~ I'm gonna bring you,

A new community to you on BLOND OT3 Communityal_x_ed_x_al

I am so obsess to Elricest before and after the first seen over Hagaren the movie teaser. I went out like, Heiderich, you're mine :P. I've been lurking around Elricest community for long, but no one has no intention on making this OT3 comm. So, I , nami_go and tsukasa_999decided to bring you out on our OTP. That's how this community begin.

This community aim and welcome for all Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric & Alfons Heiderich's FAN

Enjoy ppl X3


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