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Fanart Dumpage :D

I come bearing more of my sucky fanart :3 Its 3 this time though...

***Slight, slight, slight, slight spoilers if you squint really, really hard....and its for if you dont know what Alphonse looks like in the movie...which I would hope you all do seeing as your in this comm...*** O.o;

Image Hosted By PhotoBucket
Ahhhh my little chibi Alphonse, movie style...hes just so damn cute!!!

Image Hosted By Photo Bucket
Drew this is math class on friday when I was bored after a quiz...Ive been having a werid urge to draw Winry lately...and frankly....I cant even stand the girl.... O_o

Image Hosted By Photo Bucket
And last but not least, another pic with Winry in it...crying. See I was in art class on friday and I was all caught up so I was just sketching junk. Then our art teacher decides to turn on the radio and on comes the song "Listen to Your Heart" by DHT. And thats the song that inspired this pic. I think you can guess what it sounds like its talking about ^_^ And now I wanna write and songfic with that song....and Im making a doujin inspired by it too....all Ed/Win....GAHHHHH!!!!! AND THAT DAMN SONGS BEEN STUCK IN MY HEAD ALL WEEKEND!!! GRRRR!!!! AND I CANT STAND WINRY AND NOW I DRAW HER NON-STOP!!!! GAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! *beats self with frying pan* Oh and if you cant read my sucktastic handwriting this is what it says:

Listen to your heart
When hes callign for you
Listen to your heart
Theres nothing else you can do
I dont know where your going
And I dont know why
But listen to your heart
Before you tell him goodbye...

"Listen to Your Heart" - DHT (the remix is better >_>;;;)

And the only reason their big is (1) Im too lazy to TRY and resize them. (2) Even if I TRYED, they'd come out grain'y. And (3) I dont even know HOW to resized them right X_X...

(Oh and if I made a mistake with the HTML, Ill get right to it and fix it)

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