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Anime Boston 06' Cosplayers needed

I Know it Might be Kind of Early to be thinking of Anime Boston 06', But There is going to be a skit put together that will most likely be 'FMA in 2 minutes' We Need all the characters we can get to make a complete set( or close to it at least) And im wondering if anyone here is going to be Cosplaying as any FMA Character next year to Anime Boston.

To my best knowledge we have: Ed, Al, Roy, Hughes, Sloth, Scar, and Lust(Me).

We need to fill in the other characters though.

If you are interested Please contact through AIM: NeoCrimson1  or E-mail him @   ( Note: Those are not my Aim or Email but the person that is putting the skit together and is going to be Roy)


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