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Drama Show fun

This is hideous but I just cut out a wav of Edward Elric performing Henge no Jutsu ._. (in Ninja speak, that's roughly "Transforming Skill" for all you non-naruto fans)

It's a clip from the Naruto Nippon! Drama show, where Naruto and another character from the series will blather silly things. (I most vividly remember Kakashi doing a Oiroke no Jutsu aka. Sexy no Jutsu and gods it was DISTRUBING @O@;;;) The guest they had in this clip was Paku Romi, the voice actress for Temari who is also Edward Elric in Full Metal Alchemist. In the clip Temari goes "So then, I'm going to transform into Edward Elric now! HENGE!!" and then Edward blathers to Naruto something shounen XD;;;; Naruto laughs, then starts introducing the FMA drama show, complete with "datte ba yo!"


Probably only going to be amusing to followers of Naruto :O There's a lot of other weird stuff like Ed singing in other drama sessions (he sounds like a girl fuhuhuhu)

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