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Fanfiction to all..

Title: You have always...
Author: miki05
Rating: PGsh?
Warnings: Movie Spoilers!~ (Major ones!)
Pairing: Eh...if you count Ed admiting he cares then no. XD But yeah directed to all Alfons/Edward fans. (My FIRST fanfiction on this pairing! OMG)
Summary: Small, short drabble that pop in my head. Set after the movie ending. Dedicate to you Alfons/Edward fans. (Pick me!~) Just go easy on me, first time trying this pairing.

Short drabble that pop, I blame you all who made me go to the dark side of linking Alfons/Edward. Also MOVIE SPOILERS. Do not read if you don’t want to be spoiled. Plus my grammar sucks, just so you known.

Disclaimer: Don’t own, don’t sue please.

“You have always...”
By: Nyago

Probably the hardest thing for me to do is to forget. Everyday I ask myself, what is the purpose to life? What is out there for me to enjoy? Those are the only times I truly feel lost…

Edward Elric walked quietly around the graveyard, looking and searching for a certain tombstone. Although his daily visits were only 2 minutes long, he felt like his life was being drain away if he remained there any longer. After a short quest, he finally stood in front of the tombstone he was looking for.

“Hey” he greeted, as he knee down to touch the tombstone. “I am sorry for not been here in a while… things have been rather hard lately.” Taking the dust off the stone, he set the flowers down gently. “My brother is here...”

“But then again you would know that...” His lips became dry and his body began to ache from his current sitting position. “You know…I wonder what would have happen if I never when to my real home...” He sighed, getting up from the floor.

“Maybe you wouldn’t have died… “He tightens his fits. “But I guess you wouldn’t want me blaming myself for it. “He laughed at the irony. To believe this Al looked so much like his brother and yet be so different. Ed lifts up his head to look at the clear blue sky, no clouds, and no people around. It was all quiet and peaceful, just the way he liked it.

“But…” He began again, “I won’t tired you with my crap today however I do want to say this…and I have always been too afraid to tell you.” He gulped, and looks down again, “You have always been more than just an image of my brother, and you were yourself, your own soul, mind and body.”

He closed his eyes and tightens his fit again, opening his eyes slowly he stare at the writing written in the stone. “That’s probably why I was afraid to tell you....when we had that fight and you left.” Ed shook his head and blinked multiples times before directly looking at the tombstone again. “I am sorry…” tears formed in his eyes, as he quickly wipes them away as they came.

Without words left unsaid, Edward Elric began to make his way back to his home. Where his brother awaited and where Alfons probably would have lived too, if he was still alive today.

“It’s always easy to forget but is never easy to let go.”


Eh…Don’t ask me, I have no idea. Blame hime1999, for she did a beautiful doujinshi about Alfons death; I had to write SOMETHING about it. Hope you like it.

Comments are nice :D


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