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More Nazi!Roy Fun

Title: Dominance
Author: Shadow
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: NAZI!ROY, Sadism, Dirty Words, YAOI
Pairing: Nazi!Roy/American Soldier!Hughes
Writen for: marionettegirl
Summary: This is a pre-Schadenfruede drabble that gives you a little more insight into what Roy Mustang's character is like in my twisted universe. It was requested by a friend of mine.

The human mentality is not an idea scientists nor will theologists ever be able to define or comprehend. It is an indescribable object that affects us in everyway possible, whether it be aiding us in survival or even just helping us play a game of chess. We must bring to mind that human mentality is not infallible when it comes to defending itself from the influence of outside presences. It can be the most valuable aspect of the human body, but the most devastating at times.

Crack, Angel Dust, and Ecstasy--these are all substances that infect our mind, twisting and shedding their hateful poison throughout. There is a stronger influence though, an influence that is not tangible; that is power.

Power can mold even the kindest of people into heathen bastards. It is something that possesses us, and we embrace it fully for once a person tastes power, there is no going back.

As an Obergruppenführer for the SS, Roy Mustang was a severe victim of power’s addictive properties.

Though homosexuality was regarded as a sin, Roy Mustang gave no heed and blatantly participated in homosexual acts of many different types, most of them involving pain and domination.

And he got away with it.

The American soldier lying prone and pathetic in front of him would be his latest victim.

The man though covered with streaks of blood and grime still appeared as a beautiful temptation to the Nazi. He wanted to take hold of his spirit and crush it within the palm of his hand.

“What is your name, American swine?” the Nazi questioned a German accent thick on his tongue.

“Maes H-hughes…”

Roy swung his rifle toward the soldier, cocking the gun as he pressed its tip against the man’s forehead.

“Please, I beg of you--don’t kill me! I have a wife at home, and a precious newborn daughter,” the American soldier was sobbing, forgetting what so ever about his pride, “Please…I’ll do anything!”

“Anything you say?”

Roy smirked darkly, his plan folding right into place.

“I want you on your knees now, soldier.”

A thump echoed in the air as Maes landed unceremoniously on his knees, waiting expectantly for more orders.

“Now I wish for you to strip.”

The soldier began to slip his clothing off gradually, his fingers trembling as he fumbled to remove the thick military garb. All too soon, the American’s clothes lay tossed upon the ground; his body bare and shivering to the world around him.

Rough fingers traced along the soldier’s body, making their imprint as they traveled to his private areas.

This was an excellent display of Roy’s power, and he loved it to no end.

The smirked deepened as another order fell from the Obergruppenführer‘s mouth.

“I want you to take my cock within your mouth, soldier.”

“Yes, sir.”


Sorry for any grammar errors, it hasn't been beta-read, so yeah. XD;

[Edit] I don't want to spam the comm with a new post, so if anyone wants to roleplay RoyxAl with me, PLEASE IM or MSN ME. *attaches* I'll love you forver and give you presents of cookies and pr0n. ;_;

Aim- Koori no Miko
Msn- Shadow@sasuke.nu

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