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Fanfiction: More Request Drabbles

After having a minor explosion at my writing journal after I posted the first set of request drabbles and the meme itself, I come bearing the last (and presumably final) set of request drabbles for everyone!

Roy/Ed : Shock Collar - l_envyxedward_l

( Fullmetal had always had a problem with obedience. )

Izumi/Seig : Cookbook - wildvision

( Inexplicably, they were a match made in a heaven that neither believed in. )

Hughes/Gracia : Universe - treesock

( From the moment he looked into her impossibly blue eyes, apologized for bumping into her, and helped her to her feet, this woman, Gracia, his wife-to-be, would become Maes Hughes’s everything. )

Edward/Winry : Stupid Teenage Boy - violent_aki

( "Why are you looking at me like that?” He’d asked, sounding somewhat disturbed. )

Roy/Alphonse : Uniform - ignipotent (SLIGHT MOVIE SPOILERS)
( The blue brings out the bronze in his eyes, the soldier thinks, smiles, and runs a hand through Alphonse’s hair. )

Roy/Riza : Sunflowers - st0kedness
( The blonde started, one hand instinctively landing on the holster of her gun, the other planted firmly on the desk. )

Russell/Edward : Bees - sailormac
( It begins to rain as Russell takes Edward’s hand and leads him through the grove of lemon trees, talking quietly and probably unaware that the smaller boy behind him isn’t listening. )

Riza/Lust : Void - wolfbrotherjas
( The homunculus smiled, leaning in to lap the blood from bare, pale skin, taking an almost sadistic pleasure in it. )

Roy/Edward : Carnival - l_envyxedward_l
( Ed grabbed the hammer from the man and successfully won them a stuffed kitten. )

Enjoy~! ^^"

X-posted to fm_alchemist, fma_fiction, and a choice few to steelandsparks, fma_yaoi, fma_fluff, and fma_het. All cuts lead to my writing journal, __kirisaite.

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