Bringing Order into your Chaos (okami_hu) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Bringing Order into your Chaos

Hoping for the fans' goodwill


So, we all know RL is a bad thing. Very bad. It just ate two of my beta-readers. The problem is, one of them was the official beta of the comm I'm co-moderating. It's dedicated to an FMA AU fanfic and we _really_ need a beta for those chapters posted there. So please, any of you who's interested, come and help us! We'd be grateful if you just pointed out the biggest mistakes! It is a good story (at the moment, there are loads of juicy/fluffy HughesRoy smex) and we don't want to let it be ruined it by the fact, that none of the two authors are native English-speakers.

The offers would be greatly appreciated on the fma_mercenaries.

X-posted on fma_yaoi & betas_guild

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