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[fic] The Water-Stone of the Wise

Despite the fact that I'm busy as all get out over in fandomhigh, I still have time to be bitten by crack!bugs. Well, I think it's crack, but then again I point at my dog, laugh hysterically, and yell "crack!" so I'm not one to judge. Or that could be the kahlua talking again.

*coughs into hand*

Title: The Water-Stone of the Wise
Genre: Action/Adventure
Spoilers: Fic takes place after the movie contiunity, but no knowledge of the movie is necessary to read the fic. Minor movie spoilers so far; also is an AU so just because you read it in here, don't take it for granted it happened in the movie.
Warnings: None. (Fake-cut to my journal)

(1: Connecticut, 1937)

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