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Before I even write this entry, im letting y'all know that my grammar is the suck3rz today, seriously...I cant spell anything right today @_@


I have a HUGE favor to ask!!!!!!!11 For my anime club at school, we are thinking about going to the Anime Reactor con as a group, and for me, this is kinda short notice >.< So.....Im going to cosplay as Martel (because I was stoopid and chopped off my uber-long hair a few weeks ago and now its kinda short and I thought it'd be good to cosplay as her 'cause she has short hair but I kinda wanted to cosplay as her a long time ago but my hair was always too long) OMFG im rambling!!!! SORRY!!!!11

Well anyway does anyone have a picture of Martel that shows *most* of her body? I also need a *kinda* close-up picture of her tattoo! Its so hard to find pictures of her!

I'll love you forever and ever and let you have my gatebabies if you can help me out!!!111eleventy111

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