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Fanfiction ~ RoyWin


OMG First RoyWin fanfiction I written....
Don't kill me. They are tooo cute to say no.
Beside who says Ed is the only one that gets to have fun too?

Title: 10 RoyWin themes
Rated: From PG-R, For Roy dirty mouth.
Characters: Roy, Winry and Implied Edward.
Summary: They are themes? XD Just read them. Also SPOILERS~ Cuz after the movie, RoyWin got cute. XD

I decide to do 10 themes for RoyWin because I think the two of them are so adorable and very possible, after the movie, I think it's even MORE possible. XD

Theme 1 is well very OOC, so forgive me.

Theme 1.
"It's all about her."

Roy Mustang sat on his usual desk, doing his usual routing of signing papers. He knew if he didn't finish Lilt. Riza would kill him for it. Of course that was the least of Colonel problems, he had others things in mind aside work, and of course thinking of a certain someone wasn't helping him either.

"Taisa!" Shouted someone from his door, it was of course, one of the few problems Roy had; it started with the letter E and ended with D.

"What is it Full Metal?" Roy asked in his usual composed self.

"You flirted with her didn't you!?"

"With whom, am I ask Edward, did I flirt with?"


"Is there a reason you shout? Maybe because you are short that you think I might not be able to hear you?"

And so it began, the usual route Roy Mustang knew so well, "WHO ARE YOU CALLING SHORT, YOU NEED SPECIAL GLASSES TO SEE HIM WITH!?"

With an aggravating slam behind him, Edward Elric felt the office without questioning Roy Mustang earlier actions.

Of course it was none of Edward Elric business to known who Roy Mustang flirted with,

After all, last time he checked, Winry Rockbell flirted back with anyone she desire.

[OMG this is so bad…but it’s a start! XD]

Theme 2 is a bit more spoiler-sh, base during the movie. (I thank Cynthia for this idea~)

Theme 2:

“Thank you for notified me Colonel…” A girl with long blonde hair answered from the other side of the phone.

“Just be careful, I am not sure how much of these attacks we can handle before real civilian start to get involved.” The other person spoke from the other side of the phone line.

“Yes I will, I will tell Al once I see him.” She nods her head, “Thank you” She replied putting the phone a bit away from her ear.

“Also Miss Rockbell?”

Grabbing her full attention, she put the phone piece back to her ear, “Yes?”

“…Ah thank you for forgiving my past mistakes. I know it must have been very hard…but that shows a sign you have mature much more than me.”

“You are wrong Colonel” She replied, “It is you who is the adult here, you had the guts to call me first and tried to talk to me, I don’t think I would have ever whiled such a courage to do that, not even Edward has able to accomplish that.”

Sighing with relief, the man smile, “Thank you”

“I will speak to you soon” the girl replied, before putting the phone back to its receiver.

[Ek, bad…I can’t do short fics, wahh…]

Theme 3 dedicate to my crazy sister Aiyia! <3 Lots of love~

Theme 3:

For every time someone said the word Sex, Roy mustang probably would have become a rich man by now. Just the word itself implied more than it meant, but then again the actual action of the word meant more than that. To Roy Mustang, it meant to have a bit of fun.

A young lady around her teen years, lay cover comfortable between the sheets that were occupied with her pale naked skin body as a man around his 30’s, comfortably cuddle next to her. He had black jet hair and dark eyes that could seduce any woman in a heart beat. “You know...” she began to speak, playing with his hair with one of her fingers. “This whole sex thing it’s quite interesting.”
The man raised an eye brown and stares at the girl next to him. “What do you mean?” He asks.

“For every time we have sex….the more chances he might actually catch us.”

“You mean Full Metal?”

“I assure you, is no one else…” She smiles, oh so sweetly.

“Hmm...” That gave him into thoughts, “Whatever the case I will deal with him, beside is not like he can control what you want to do…” He kisses her forehead as he rested his arm around her shoulders.

“But the sex triggers me…” She smirked, leaning closer to him and kissing his cheek.

“Hmm yes I can be quite aware of that...” He smiles, putting his body on top of hers. “Maybe another round before work?”

“In 15 minutes?” she asks.

“I could get it done before 5 minutes even pass…But I guess the longer the better.” He replied, leading down and catching her lips into his own.

[I will stop in theme 3 for now...XD if you guys have any ideas feel free to share them and I will try to write something of it. :D ]

Please comment, it makes me feel like my writing worth reading. ^^


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