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Needed: RP player for Ed

Unfortunately, over at omg_alchemist, we have lost our player for IC!Ed. This is a terrible shame, and something that needs to be fixed very soon! Now, I'm sure there are tons of you around here who would be more than willing to play Ed. If you're interested in taking his part, please click the cut for more info.

First of all, you may not know what an OMG!RP is. This means that there are the IC (in character) characters that have the personalities of the characters in the show / manga. However, there are also OOC (out of character) doubles of many of the characters, who act.. very different from what you may expect.

Now, since we've been going for a while, and Ed has been there from the start, to play him you'll have to have a fairly good idea of what's happened in the RP and what sort of relationships he has with the characters in the game. Ideally, you would be able to read all of the journals Ed has written in game as well as all the chat logs he has participated in; however, this is a rather difficult task and one I don't expect anyone to actually do (brownie points if you feel that motivated, though). However, we do request that you read at least some of his journals (over at so_not_chibi) to get a feel for the style our previous player was using, and of course to see what he's been up to.

Still interested in joining? Go to here and here first to get an idea of what's going on and how the game works. As it stands right now, Ed is in a (somewhat unstable) relationship with our IC!Roy. However, just recently he vanished (since the player quit) and nobody knows where he's gone to or why he left without telling anyone. When you have read the above links, go to this page to apply for Ed. The most critical part of this is the short post, of course, because it will let us know if you are able to play him IC and also if you're aware of what he's been up to. Additionally, try to come up with some reason as to why Ed disappeared and where he went, although the other players will be more than happy to give you some ideas if you need help. We are all very friendly people who really love this game, and we really want someone to come play IC!Ed with us! I know this has been a lot to read, but trust me, it's worth it. Reading this post and creating your short post are the only slightly difficult things you'll have to do- once in-game, it gets much easier and much more fun!

-shichahn, player of evilalphonse and lostforeigner.

Edit: Yay, thank you to all who are interested! Looks like we have plenty of applications for Ed now, but if you're interested in other characters (or if you apply for Ed and don't get the part), we do still need an IC!Winry, an IC!Al, and more homunculi.

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