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Title: Dusk
Author: kiwi_kero
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Set after the series, so possible spoilers.
Disclaimer: See the icon.
Fandom: Full Metal Alchemist
Pairing: Suggested Elricest
Rating: G
Summary: *Set between the series and movie* A year and a half after Ed's disappearance, Al is lonely.

It had been almost a year since Edward had disappeared. Al was sitting on small hill, Den lying next to him in the cool grass. His eyes were gazing in the direction of the sunset, not really absorbing the beauty of the colored sky. He felt as he had every day since his brother left: alone, empty, and lost. No matter whom he was around or what he was doing, there was a cold lump in his heart that only one person could remove: Edward.

            He had spent countless evenings like this, climbing the small hill to wait for dusk. It was nice and quiet, and he could spend the time reflecting on the stories people had told him about his brother and the memories from their childhood days. Sometimes he would take along a notebook, and fill its pages with new information someone had disclosed about him and his brother. The notebook read like a story in no particular order, the pages filled with emotion and the margins filled with thoughts and what-ifs. If he hadn’t learned anything new that day, he would just flip through the pages and smile, picturing the life that had vanished along with his Niisan.

            On this particular evening, the treasured notebook sat beside him, the pen resting carefully on top. He wasn’t in the mood for writing, it hurt too much. Today was Edward’s birthday, but Al was celebrating it alone. It seems like no one else remembered, or perhaps they were pretending not to so Al wouldn’t get upset. They did that a lot; no one talked about Edward around Al unless he asked. He couldn’t understand why, he wasn’t a child. What could have happened that they didn’t think he could handle?

            The only person that seemed willing to share her memories was Winry. She was always thrilled to talk about Edward, and it seemed that no one knew him better than her. She and Al would laugh together about Edward’s antics, and cry together when they were missing him. Today, however, even she had avoided the subject of his older sibling.

            He was just dwelling on the last of Edward’s birthdays he could remember, a small smile playing on his lips, when soft footsteps approached from behind him. Den turned and issued a light ‘woof’ in welcome. Winry. Al shifted to look at the tall blonde as she sat down beside him, stretching her legs out in front of her and leaning back on her hands. She smiled and gave him a small nod in greeting. Her eyes fell to the notebook.

            “What’s this, Al?” She reached for it, but Al snatched it away.

            “It’s… nothing.” No one had ever seen the notebook except for him, and he didn’t feel comfortable sharing it with anybody, not even Winry. He flinched at the wounded expression on her face, and quickly changed the subject. “What are you doing out here?”

            She looked towards the sinking sun. “I figured you’d want some company today. It is Edward’s birthday, right?” She smiled sadly.

            He looked down at the worn notebook in his hands. “Yeah, it is. No one else seems to care that much.” He sighed.

            “It isn’t that they don’t care, Alphonse. They just don’t want to cause you any more pain than you’re already in.”

            “Remembering Edward could never be painful,” he snapped. “he’s my brother!”

            “And he was my best friend! You aren’t the only one who misses him, you know,” she huffed.

            Alphonse. “I know that. I wish I could find him… Bring him home. Even if I never remember the years I lost, just having him around would be enough.” He shook his head in frustration. “It isn’t fair, everyone has so much to look back on and I only have scattered memories from when we were children.” He covered his face with his hands, letting the notebook rest in his lap.

            Winry tenderly took him into her arms and pulled him close. “He’ll come home, Al. Don’t give up, okay? He wouldn’t want you to be sad. I’m positive that wherever he is, he’s trying just as hard to get back to you. Edward won’t rest until he’s back with you. You guys always were inseparable.” A fond smile lit up her pretty face.

            Al looked up at her, eyes shining. “You really think he’s trying to find me?” He had been hoping that very thing all along, but to hear someone else say it caused help to swell in his chest.

            Winry nodded firmly. “Absolutely.” She stood up, extending a hand. Smiling warmly, Al took it and stood as well. He tucked the notebook safely inside his brother’s red coat, walking home with Winry and Den. The last rays of sunlight vanished from the sky, stars beginning to peak through the blue. He looked up at them, eyes shining.

            “I’ll find you somehow, Niisan. I promise.”

^_^ Please read and enjoy!!

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