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[drabbles] 'Hat', (Hughes/Roy, G) 'Damage', 'Control', 'Trade-offs', and 'Tame' (all Ed/Roy, PG-13)

I don't know why I've been on such a weird drabbling kick lately. Most of these were written in the comments of velvet_mace's tentacle porn fic. ^^ The psycho!Ed/Roy ones are unconnected, by the way. Completely different AU for each one.

The Hughes/Roy is very fluffly and tame, but the Ed/Roy ones are fairly disturbing, or so I've been told. Read with caution.

For jmtorres, Hughes/Roy

"Psst. Why are you wearing a hat?"

Roy looked up, his strained expression easing mildly at the sight of Maes' easy grin. "Quick, hide me!"

By now, he knew better than to ask why. When Roy got in trouble, there was usually only one cause, and Maes didn’t want to be in the path of any righteous fury because of his friend’s notorious way with women. So he said nothing, only taking hold of Roy’s wrist and dragging him into the backroom of the bar.

Once safely sequestered, he was able to begin his interrogation. “So.”

Roy might have raised an eyebrow at his tone, but it was impossible to know, hidden as it was by the brim of his hat.


Maes leaned forward, smiling. “About the hat…”

"It's a very sexy hat," Roy deadpanned, but he was smiling, the real smile that he never showed any of the endless string of women.

And that was why Maes didn’t care.

"So it is," he said, reaching to pluck the hat off Roy’s head so he could greet him properly with a kiss.

All the rest I blame on zalia and velvet_mace ^^

Psycho!Ed/Roy #1 -

"Ed, what's the matter?" he asked, eyes wide, fingers bunched together.

Ed only smiled brilliantly and stroked light fingers down his arm, stopping at his wrist. Roy tensed even further, the rational parts of his mind crying out in alarm, telling him to get away, now.

He didn't move. Couldn't, really, because at that moment Ed closed the distance between them and captured his lips in a hard, possessive kiss. His traitorous body responded automaticly to the familiar sensations even as Ed's hand moved, lightning-fast, ripping his remaining glove.

Roy pulled alway at the sound of the fabric ripping, trying to conceal his quickened breathing. Ed let him go without comment, still smiling in that strange, hollow way.

"You can't do this," Roy said quietly, willing himself back under control.

Ed's head snapped up at that, the glint in his eyes hard and triumphant. "You'll find that I can."

Drabble inspired by this picture (not worksafe) -

Al turned and looked back at the clank of chains as Ed turned a page in his book and frowned as he noticed the state of the pet.

It was bleeding again. Al shook his head, exasperated. Didn't it know how hard white sheets were to clean? Honestly.

Well, it was only a pet, after all. It couldn't be trusted to know these things. Still, Al mused, even pets had to be taught some manners. And since they weren't sentient enough to learn from gentle tutelage...

Sometimes one just had to employ rougher methods for its own good. He would be nice to it later, to make up for the hurt.

Ed turned another page with his left hand, making the chain linking the pet's neck and his wrist clank. It flinched at the sound and stifled a whimper with its hand. Ed didn't even look up, eyes already moving down the next page with inhuman speed.

Before long, he turned the page again. This time, it couldn't quite stop the choked off sobbing sound it made at the pull on its neck, and Al winced. Didn't it know what would happen if Ed got annoyed at the racket?

It wasn't good to attract the older Elric's notice - unlike Al, he was never gentle. Al wasn't even sure Ed knew that it could feel pain at all, even if it had screamed when he broke its bones. Or maybe he did know, like he knew everything else, and just didn't care.

Sure enough, Ed's brows drew down and he yanked the chain hard, making the pet topple over to lie sprawled and half-naked beside him like a broken rag doll. Eyes still glued to the page, he clapped his hands and reached out to touch the collar.

It held still through the alchemical reaction, having that particular lesson the hard way, biting its knuckles to silence the whimpers of pain from broken bones which had been jarred far too many times.

It had to yank its hand away when Ed was done, though, too busy gasping for breath from the tightened collar to care about noise. The left over metal clattered to the floor, forgotten.

Al raised an eyebrow. That was new. Ed must have been very irritated at the noise, though he simply kept on reading after. He had not lifted his eyes from the page through the whole thing.

The pet was turning unhealthily pale. It was a good look for him, Al decided, even if the collar was going to kill him if Ed didn't loosen it soon.

He knew better than to suggest any such thing. Instead, he turned and went back to his own book, ignoring the choking sounds coming from the floor.

Ed turned another page.

Psycho!Ed/Roy #2, this one based in an AU fic of mine which is still being written -

Sometimes, he wondered just how crazy Elric really was. For a teenage boy who considered thirty minutes of violent sparring to be just right for foreplay, he was disturbingly normal at times.

When Elric sat, immobile, and poured over alchemy texts through the night; when he eventually fell asleep, head pillowed on the open pages; when he woke, lashes fluttering as his clear eyes adjusted to the light - in these moments, and all the spaces inbetween, Roy felt almost guilty for sleeping with the boy.

With these peculiar attacks of conscience came an entirely different set of memories - how Elric's eyes had burned into his, dark with unabashed desire and unheeding of the consequences; how strong and firm hands had relieved him of his clothing despite his vocal protests; how the younger man had touched and bit and sucked until Roy's words melted into moans, badly stifled; how he had not been the boy's first.

Sometimes, Roy wanted to ask about it. Wanted how, where, when, who, and why. More importantly, why me, now? Inevitably, though, his courage would fail and he would recall that he was not in fact suicidal.

Elric was enough of a menace in and out of his bed without provocation.

Clank! The distinctive sound of automail landing against the ground snapped Roy out of his revere, but he wasn't fast enough to stop the arm curling around his neck in a cruel imitation of an embrace, the blade at his throat.

He was never fast enough at this. Roy breathed out carefully, forced himself to relax and did his best to ignore the sharp edge etching a line of pain across his neck. There was no reasoning with Elric when he got in this mood.

"Hey, Colonel..." the boy all but purred, amused and predatory. He was trembling - enough so that Roy could feel it against his back, although the blade was steady.

As it always was. Despite the blood-letting and the inevitable violence, this was safe. This was routine.

Sometimes Roy wondered why he allowed himself to be used like this. Sure, the boy was attractive if one ignored his personality, and he was good enough at what he did, but there were many others who had those qualities without the drawbacks of - to put none too fine a point on it - a psychopath.

Then he would remember one extraordinary day not so long ago when he had pushed at the barriers of Elric's inhumanity and found cracks. When the emotion darkening gold eyes was not just lust and anger, so much anger but pain, fear, and guilt.

Then he would remember a lesson he had learned a long time ago.

These things never work by cost-benefit calculations.

Psycho!Ed/Roy #3 -

"What's your name?"


"That's right, you don't have a name. What's my name?"


"Don't tell me you need a reminder..."



"I call you...master."


The screams fade, eventually.

"No. I am your master."

"Y-you are...my master."

"Good pet. You enjoyed that, didn't you?"



"I...liked it, master."

"Aren't you a shameless one...isn't he, Al?"


"See, Al agrees. He also thinks that you deserve it."

"...I do, master."

"At least you know that much. Tell me, my pet...tell me why you're here."

"B-because I want to be." A pause, and then he goes on, his hoarse voice gaining strength. "Because I want this. Because I want it this way."


"Because I love you."

Edit: Fixed the silly format problems.

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