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Shindou bears fiction! x3!

What does Shindou’s perverted mind produce at 4:30 am? Smut, that what. This is my first, so please be gentle. Envy x Pride!Edo. Yay!for Bluebird’s Illusion. For it brings me more to satisfy my fangirly tendencies with.

Title: Untitled Smut Drabble! Wewt!
Series: Hagaren/Bluebird’s Illusion
Coupling: None at the moment
Rating: R? My NC-17? I dunno. It’s smut! xD
Disclaimer: I don’t own Hagaren, nor any of the sexahness that is the characters. They belong to Hiromu Arakawa-sama. Love her, for she is the_almighty. I don’t own Bluebird’s Illusion either.

My eyes take in the lithe form beside me, trailing my finger along the smooth warm flesh. His body stiffens at the sudden contact, however, he is eventually purring in utmost delight at the gentle way I do so, a smile of contentment upon his lips. A part of me feels that this isn’t right. Oh so gently my hand trails to the back of his head, taking into my grasp a fistful of the long golden strands and I suddenly give a sharp yank causing him to yell out in pain. This brings a sadistic smile to my lips. At that moment, I feel it’s alright. He’s still whimpering as I release him, and now he’s gazing up at me, those golden orbs looking so delightfully betrayed. He looks as if he’s about to ask ‘why’, and in that small moment his delicate lips part, I claim them. Oh God he tastes so good, and now I’m the one purring as my tongue explores. I’m pressing into him, and he seems to be whimpering again. I suddenly feel a sharp pain, as the bastard had grabbed my own hair, pulling me away from his mouth. I glare at him in utmost contempt. Does the small bastard not know his place? I suddenly smirk, knowing that he will soon enough.
“Hey hey, Hagane no chibi-san… that wasn’t very nice,” I coo down at him, while he just gazes at me absolutely clueless. It then occurs to me, he doesn’t remember a thing. A feel a smirk creep across my face. I grab his hand, which has dropped its hold on my hair, then with my other hand; I grab his other hand, forcing the limbs above his head. I laugh a bit, feeling the gentle pulsing of the blood coursing though his veins in his delicate wrists, a mere mockery of life. Like me. I lean down, now only one hand holding his two down, whispering into his small ears, “You’re mine.”
As I gaze into his golden orbs, not an emotion is betrayed by them. This wasn’t hardly as satisfying as it should be! The bastard was supposed to gazing at me fearfully! Not like some damned broken doll! I release his hand, my own hand curling into a fist, which then swiftly came down onto the boy’s face. As he yells out in pain and surprise, I start to feel a little better. He’s now gazing up at me with that hurt expression again. God it’s so adorable. He’s such a molestable little angel, isn’t he?
My hands now exploring his body none too gently, causing him to whimper as my nails dig into his sensitive flesh, causing small crimson trails to run down his small form. My hand slides up under his tight-fitting top and rip the material from his body. My tongue runs down his body, the taste of iron filling my mouth as the blood hits my tongue. He tenses beneath me as my tongue begins to toy with his nipple, more whimpering; this time in pleasure, is heard. I suddenly bite down, causing him to yelp out, and I feel more of the crimson liquid flowing into my mouth. Such a sensitive, and most vulnerable, thing he is, this Pride. And even more so, he’s mine. Soon his skort is off, in much the same manner as his shirt. I slide down, my tongue trailing down his body again, into the hollows between his legs, then around his balls. I vaguely become aware that his hand is in my hair, a desperate plea for me to continue evident in the boy’s motions. My tongue slips up his hard cock, and a delicious moan is heard escape his throat. A part of me is rather tempted to leave him like this with his errection. Unfortunately, that would have meant leaving me with my own.
The boy suddenly lets out a loud scream as I force my way into him, his body shuddering beneath mine. After several thrusts, however, he’s screaming my name in utmost pleasure, begging for more.
A while later finds him here, laying in my arms fast asleep. My, what a mess we’ve made. I’ll have him clean it up in the morning, but for now I think I’ll sleep. At this moment I’m content with my prize. He belongs to me, mind, body and soul. ‘Especially body,’ I can’t help but think with a smirk as a fall asleep, clutching my prize to my chest.

It was bound to happen eventually with my dirty mind. I apologize if it’s not too well written. Like I said, it’s my first attempt at anything so… smutty… and not to mention it was 4:30 am when I wrote this. Comments and Crits appreciated, and loved and possibly molested. X3

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