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Volume 5 - Audio Commentary

So, I went to my local anime/manga shop to pick up a copy of Volume 3 of the manga (since it just came out yesterday) and what did I find....
DVD Volume 5 o.O
I didn't think it was out until the 20th or so, so it was a nice surprise.

Anyways, I loaded it up to find a nice extra: an Audio commentary for episode 19 by Mike, Vic, and Aaron (aka, Havoc, Ed and Al)
pretty funny, so I thought I'd rip the audio and share:
YSI Link#1 (31.4MB) skipping around 5-7 min mark
YSI Link#2 ditto
YSI Link #3 Fixed Version
just play it while watching episode 19 with no sound, and there you go ^^
The first two links still work, but are the version that has some skipping for about 2 mins during the 5-7 min mark
The 3rd link has the skippy part replaced with a non-skippy part

I think two links should be enough, but if they both die, just let me know and I'll upload more

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