Kiwi (penfreak) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fanfic - Shrapnel Chapter 1

Updated my fic, Shrapnel :P

At present, it's still pretty Al-centric. Alternate universe genfic with WW2 influences, just as a reminder. For those who may have read it on, LJ is where the properly edited pieces go, so there are a few differences.

Genre: AU, drama, angst

Rating: PG

Chapter Summary: Winry was disappointed. Couldn't she have a more cheerful new companion? At least there might be way to lift his spirits a little. She picked up a toy she had built herself, and headed down the hall to the guest bedroom where the boy was staying.

Past Chapters: Prologue

New Chapter: Chapter 1

(Cross-posted to fma_gen)

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