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Translation to "Tobira no Mukou he" Remix

For the "Tobira no Mukou he" both erabarenai and myself came up with two different, but silimar, translations for what Ed and Al say during the song.

First, erabarenai's
Uh, not perfect either, but-- did some listening through and also grabbed a few lines that weren't included where the song was posted.

ed -- tatte aruke, mae e susume. anta ni wa rippa na ashi ga tsuiteru ja nai ka
(Stand and walk, move forward; you've got excellent legs, don't you?)
al -- bokura wa imademo sagashiteru, bokura wa imademo sakende
(Even now we're searching, and even now it evades us) (err; guessing on the sakende there)
al -- hashiri tsuzukenakereba, mirai wa nai
(If we don't continue on, there's no future)
ed -- itsudatte aru sa, jibun yori mo, yume yori mo, daiji na koto
(There's always something more important than us, more important than our dreams)
al -- tsukiyabure, tobira no mukou e
(Break through, to the other side of the door)
al -- tsukisusume, tobira no mukou e
(Push forward, to the other side of the door)
ed -- kaku no chigai wo miseteyaru!
(I'll show you the differerence in status [between you and us]!)

ed -- oretachi wa akuma demo, (??) kami demo nai; ningen da
(We aren't devils or gods, we're humans)
ed -- omae ga kiechimau koto nante nai'n da; modotte koi, Aru
(You won't disappear; come back, Al.)
al -- touka koukan wa (er, ga?) sekai no gensoku ja nai. itsuka mata au hi made kawashita, boku to niisan no yakusoku da
(Equivalent Trade isn't the principle of the world. We'll meet again one day, it's a promise between me and my brother.)

There's still several lines that I didn't care to keep puzzling over. Had one that was, I'm assuming, some of Al angsting over whether he is/was really human -- (boku wa hontou ni ningen and I couldn't get the rest; datta no?, maybe, but it's a guess).

Also heard (or think I heard), in various lines, "omoide wo torimodoshitai," "omoide to shite," "saigo," and a "niisan" ... but couldn't puzzle the entire lines out, and am not commited enough to spend half the day trying to do so. :x

Anyway, if anyone's so inclined, I'm all for add-ons orcorrections to any of this... *staggers off for coffee* @_@

And mine is similar.
Er, not a perfect translation. =__=;;

"Stand, walk, and continue forward. After all, you have perfect legs to stand on."

"Even now, we're avoiding/evading it"? x_x;;
(Um, I think the line is "いまでも叫んでる", which is "We are always shouting")

"いつだってあるさ。自分より、夢よりも、大事なこと"** added on.
"There are always things like that. More than yourself, more than your dreams; there are important things."

"I'll show you the difference in our levels."

"We aren't devils or gods. We're just humans."

"You won't disappear. Come back, Al."

"We're always searching"

"We're always avoiding"? o_O;
(Again, I think this is "叫んでる", not "避けてる". Which makes the line - "We're always shouting").

"We have to continue to run, there is a future". o_O;
(I heard "走れ続けなければ、未来はない", which is "If we don't continue to run, there is no future" o_O;)

"We'll push onwards, beyond the door"

*hopes the link works*

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