Number One Spoon (herongale) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Number One Spoon

Scar Resource Guide Updated!

Look here to see fics added by coramegan, devils_devotion, and kaltia, as well as a new picture by youkofujima. Also, I have radically expanded the links to include... well, almost every fic that seemed to involve Scar in a serious fashion. Did you know that there is a Scar/Riza fic out there??? Also, there is a 30+ chapter Scar/Sue fic.

Suggestions for fics that do not exist on LJ,, Touka Koukan, or Scimitar Smile would be much appreciated... as well as links to Japanese Scar fan art or doujinshi. I really want this to be the most complete Scar archive ever, so please share links if you have them.

♥ Viva La Scar Love!

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