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...because bandwagons are meant to be jumped on and I'm bored:

I've got an extremely long list of fanfiction to write, and I'm very uninspired and generally blah on the creative side right now. So give me a pairing or threesome and a random word here, and I'll spit out a drabble for it! It can be yaoi, yuri, het; I don't care. Just give me something to write and get the creative juices flowing!

I posted this meme on my personal journal a few days back, and here are the results:

Fury/Havoc : Reject - uninformed
( He’d always been soft-hearted. )

Winry/Sheska : Anticipation - liete
( The mechanic blinked, took one look at the bespectacled girl in front of her, and frowned slightly. )

Gate/Edward : Manziere - kiida_ne
( They placed their hands on the dirty basement floor, ready to reach into its depths and find their mother, ready to show the Gate that even if they were young, they were no ordinary alchemists. )

Winry/Edward : Incoherent - yoyo64
( Winry could only sigh and shake her head sadly. )

Havoc/Riza : Water - liete
( From the instant Riza Hawkeye woke up, she knew it was going to be one of those days. )

Well, request away, everyone, and enjoy!

X-posted to __kirisaite, my writing journal.

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