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PlaJapan update!

I got a reply from PlaJapan this morning, and here's how it goes:


This item has been delayed by our distributor and should be arriving on
the next shipment.
I apologize for the delay and we are doing our best to get the products
here as soon as possible.

If you want an instant credit card refund, please send your credit card
number divided up into 2 separate e-mails.

So for the first 8 numbers, send it in email 1.
For the next 8, send it in email 2.


So it seems all my spazzing was for nothing. Though it would have been nice if they had sent out a mass e-mail to tell everyone that ordered this, or put up a notice on the webpage or something. But oh well. So now we know, and sorry if I worried anyone with my spazzing. I'll jsut know to expect it when I see th box on my doorstep I suppose... hope it gets here by Reactor (late October)

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