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Anybody from North Texas and went to the AnimeFest at the Hyatt in Dallas? I BOUGHT PRINTS, from some nifty talented college students, and won a bid on another matted Fullmetal Alchemist print. This one artist did alot of Naruto, GundamWing, and FMA fanarting, but she'd anthropicize all of the characters. ^^ Alot of them were really cute! I think that she's done some fanfiction for either the Recasted Com or Inverted... But I really don't know. Her lj address is lj2dogmatix_san... I think. But I need to look that up to!*can't cite for beans*


Brighter in real life if your looking at it, much brighter, and the outlining on Ed's clothes is gold metallic. *_* It's gorgeous, I helps me overlook the largeness of Al's head.  Al's head is disproportioned big time.  But the coloring makes up for it.  If only my scanner was young and new again.


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