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Question to those who ordered the movie plushes from PlaJapan

Have any of you heard from them since making your order? They should have come in on the 31st, and I would've expected to hear from them by now.

Under the cut is a letter I just sent them regarding it. I was probably pretty harsh, but I usually am regarding my money.

I have ordered one of the Fullmetal Alchemist plushes (style B, Roy Mustang), and they have been available for almost a week now and I have not received any sort of status report on it.

I would like to say that if I do not receive word on it by the 14th of September, I will ask the credit card company to cancel the order, and I will never place another order with you again, and recommend that others do not as well. I know of people that have ordered from other places have already received theirs.

I'd just llike to know what the status is, when I can expect it.


so yeah, anyone have any idea?

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