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"Bratja" Nokia Ringtone

Hey everyone! glorfindel posted asking if anyone had an FMA ringtone, and I wanted to share mine! Last year I sat down and figured out all of "Bratja" on my Nokia composer. So, if anyone wants to use it for their phone, I say the more the merrier. I don't know how many phones it will work on, but feel free to give it a shot. If I ever hear my ring on your phone in person, we can be best phone buddies ^___^

"Bratja" Fullmetal Alchemist:

4d1 8g1 4a1 4g1 2d1 2a1 4c2 4g1 4- 4g1 8a1 4- 4a1 4b1 8a1 4g1 2a1 2- 4a1 2d2 4d2 4c2 2g1 2a1 2- 4a1 2d2 8e2 8d2 4c2 2g1 2a1 2- 4a1 2g1 8a1 8g1 2f1 4e1 2d1 2- 4a1 2g1 8a1 8g1 2f1 4e1 2d1 2-

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