xx plaid (xxplaid) wrote in fm_alchemist,
xx plaid

Images Request~

Heya~ I kinda need FMA pictures for something I'm working on, but I can't find good images of some of the characters that I'd like to have featured. I was wondering if anyone had any images or knows a really good gallery I could grab pictures from? The characters I'd like more pictures of are:

- Maes Hughes
- Scar
- Any and ALL of the Homunculi (Especially images of Sloth, Pride, and Envy since I'm not too happy with the ones I have now.)
- Pinako
- Dante

And any important character that is hard to find pictures of. D:

Please keep in mind that I can only use official images and not fan art. I'd also like a clear shot of the character's face, please. :3

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