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For youkofujima

While probably not as good as velvet_mace's, I come bearing a fic that is several things:

1. The first thing I've written in a long time.
2. The response to youkofujima's challenge.
3. As it was with velvet_mace, the squickiest thing I've ever written.

SO. On that note, be CAREFUL with this fic unless you're prepared for a brain-burning or just like tentacle!rape which is okay because I do, too.

Title: Growth
Pairing: Plant!Thingy x Human!Al
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,478
WARNINGS: Rape, tentacles, squick, and one line that's a tiny spoiler on the movie, I believe.

"Brother, is this really necessary?" Alphonse sighed as he was helped into a protective but skin-tight suit.

His brother, already adorning his own version of the suit, zipped Alphonse the rest of the way up. "Yes it is. We can't take any chances, Al," he declared.

Alphonse just sighed again and let that be that. Ever since their reunion, Edward had been borderline paranoid about Alphonse's health. It was, as Alphonse had found the hard way, pointless to try to assure his brother that he was not going to drop dead at a moment's notice. He would grudgingly let this slide without much complaint, however.

After all, it wasn't completely Edward's idea.

And Alphonse supposed there was SOME logic behind his brother's worry.

Their home, it appeared, had developed some sort of growth within the walls. They stumbled across said growth just the night before when Edward managed to put a small hole in the wall while they were rearranging furniture. When he'd gone to repair the hole, Edward had noticed a peculiar tinge of green where there should not have been any. The green, however, probably would not have been so interesting if not for its strange, rigged texture.

The professionals they contacted about the situation in the morning resided a good day and a half away. Nevertheless, they had been given some instructions and some advice to use until said professionals could arrive. The advice had been masks and the suits that they had thankfully been able to acquire in town. Just in case the growth turned out to be toxic or poisonous in any way, shape or form. The instructions had been about a self-inspection of the house. Namely to determine where the main problem areas were and whether or not it was safe to remain in the house.

With their suits on and their masks in hand, Edward and Alphonse split up the home. Edward would check upstairs, Alphonse would check the basement and they would cover the ground level together. That established, Ed reminded Alphonse (much to Al's exasperation) several times to be careful and keep his mask on. The younger blonde was rather grateful to retreat to the basement.

Really, he understood Ed's concern, but it did tend to get to him sometimes. Hopefully this "new addition" to the household would turn out to be some harmless mold and they'd be able to move on quickly. The less reason Edward had to panic, the better.

The singular light bulb that lit the basement needed to be changed. It flickered moodily when Alphonse first flipped the switch and when it finally settled, the light was quite a bit on the dim side. That was what flashlights were for. Ignoring the light bulb, (it continued to flicker every so often as Al descended the stairs) Alphonse wandered to the nearest wall to begin the inspection.

It was dull work, really, checking for any outside signs of the growth behind the walls and popping holes here and there in them to be sure. The most interesting thing about activity was probably just the fact that there seemed to a bit more growth here than what they'd found so far upstairs last night.

By the time Alphonse had finished checking the front half of the basement, he was starting to consider completely ignoring the other half. Just as he'd about managed to talk himself into the slacking, a sound reached his ears from the area in question. Blinking slightly, Alphonse listened closer and, sure enough, was met with a soft rustling. It sounded almost as if something was shifting long the floor.

"Oh, don't tell me we have rats, too," Al muttered behind his mask, sighing heavily and turning his flashlight that way. He'd barely taken three steps towards the back of the basement, however, before the shaky light overhead went out completely. Startled by the sudden loss of light, Al jumped, the pale beam from his flashlight swinging up towards the dead light bulb.

Yeesh! This place was falling apart!

Grumbling to himself, Al decided he might as well check to see if he could find the rat and then just go get a new light bulb at least.

It was not a rat that he stumbled across several steps later. It was...well, Alphonse didn't really know WHAT it was. It didn't look good, though. It was a huge bulk of a thing, taking up almost the entire back right corner of the large basement. It looked almost like some sort of plant if it's green-ish color and apparent texture were anything to go by. There were several protruding nodules on the "plant", as well, and one near the top seemed to be leaking some pale substance.

Alphonse also discovered that the thing had loose roots when he tripped over one, giving a muffled yelp as he fell over and hit the ground. Muttering irritably, Al pushed up onto his knees and rubbed his elbow before reaching for the flashlight he'd dropped when he fell.

He was more than a little startled when what appeared to be another, but thinner, root lashed out and curled around his wrist. Making a surprised sound, Al tried to pull his hand back from the thing. His jerk, however, only made the root hold tighter and enticed another to curl around his upper arm.

Struggling not to panic, Alphonse scrambled to get off of his knees and onto his feet. He shouted into his mask when, as soon as he lifted one of his knees, a third of the tentacles shot out and curled around his upper thigh. Part of Al's mind was calm enough to wonder where all these roots were coming from and, more curious, how this...THING got here.

The rest of Al's mind was focused on using his free hand to tear off his mask. Alphonse sucked in a lungful of air, which he'd planned to use to scream for Edward, and instead was rewarded with a thick, slimy and absolutely disgusting mouthful. He cried out fruitlessly around the thing, his whole body lurching as he began struggling mightily against his increasing number of bonds.

By the time both arms and legs were encircled by the slimy roots, Alphonse had started fearing for his life. He was going to DIE here. This enormous tumor of a plant was going to kill him, and in his own house no less!

Alphonse jumped when a tearing sound reached his ears right before he felt a breath of cool air over a section of his lower stomach. One of those things had just torn his suit. The action seemed to strike up some strange order within the rest of the tentacles.

One of the many wound around Al's arm snaked out around his torso instead, sliding strangely over his chest. Alphonse tensed up under the peculiar rubbing, his mind assaulting him with horrible images of the thing driving itself through his chest or something equally gruesome. So caught up in the tentacle roving over his torso, Al squealed when another particularly cold, slippery vine slid over the skin that the tear had exposed.

Another tear suddenly caught Al's attention and he darted his eyes nervously back to his chest, whimpering when he found more of the things had wound around his chest and somehow gotten another tear in his suit. He jerked and began struggling anew when the first root dipped into the hole at his chest. It was less slick and more rigged than the one that had slid over his stomach and, as Al quickly found out, was equipped with some form of sucker, which managed to find and latch onto his left nipple.

Alphonse screamed.

His panicked thrashing was in vain though, for almost as soon as it started, there was a sound of a great many things rustling over one another before a jumble of new vines found their way even tighter around him. The new level of bondage stilled most of his struggles and the rest were stunned out of him temporarily when, a moment later, the entire world tilted sharply.

It took Al precious moments to realize that he'd just been forced back and lifted into the air by the nest of tentacles writhing around him. He whimpered and panted hard through his nose as the new angle served to make him that much more vulnerable. He couldn't see what was going on now and any resistance he tried to put up was easily overcome.

He tried to pull his arms free and they were just forced up above his head. He tried to twist away from the sucker-bearing tentacles (plural now, as more had joined the first) attacking his chest and nipples and they only suckled harder. He tried to hold his thighs together and the vines already wrapped around them just forced them wide apart.

Alphonse was distraught on several different levels. He was scared but confused by what was going on, why he wasn't being brutally murdered or choked to death. He was also desperate to get free and ashamed of the way his body was acting. The little mouths that made up the suckers on his nipples weren't hurting him in the way they should be. Instead, it was a hard, almost demanding sort of tugging caress that sent unwanted shocks of arousal straight between his legs.

The choked, protesting sob that crawled up Al's throat was stuck there as one of the slimier roots dug into his suit from the hole along his stomach. It slid further and further south and Alphonse arched as much as he could, struggling to avoid the cold thing winding around his growing erection. Alphonse clenched his eyes shut and tears that were equal parts confusion, fear and shame streaked back over his temples as he involuntarily rocked up to the vine when it began massaging the hardening length of him. He tossed his head slightly and immediately regretted it when a vine wound loosely around his neck and about his head to hold him still.

He tried to cry out a protest when several more vines slid down into his suit to violate the sensitive, private area between his thighs. There was rough and wet molesting his thighs and stomach, suckers attacking various points on his body, rhythmic, pulsing squeezes of the vines around his arms and legs and cock and Al couldn't make head or tails of any of it anymore.

The attack was overwhelming and he was loosing track of it all, feeling hot and sickly cold at once and sobbing around the vine now wriggling slowing in his mouth. He couldn't even remember why he'd come down here in the first place and Ed-

Where was Ed?

A loud tearing sound sliced straight through his rampaging mind and Al screeched and arched as three, no four wet vines invaded the new tear, two racing up his back and two sliding over his ass cheeks. Alphonse tensed and writhed helplessly, sobbing harder as one tentacle found the crevice of the fleshy globes and forced its way between them. It slid wetly along the crack of Al's ass and paused to nudge at the tight, puckered entrance. No. NO! It wasn’t going to do something that! It couldn’t!

The young boy's body lurched in its restraints when one of those little mouths latched over the tensed muscle. He cried out a pointless, muffled protest and jerked, tossing his head as much as the vine wound around it would allow.

The sucker worked at the hole, forcing the muscles around it to relax a ways despite Al's efforts to remain tense. Another, much more distracting sucker latched onto the tip of his stiff length and sent a hot shudder of pleasure racing through Alphonse, his body jolting and relaxing enough for the slick tentacle at his anus to shove its way in. Another scream ripped its way up Alphonse's throat at the unwanted intrusion.

More tears burned their way from his eyes as the thick vine wriggled and writhed inside of him. It rolled against his prostate several times and forced more of that horrible pleasure through him, making Al shudder with slight revulsion. He threw himself against his bonds when two more of the thick tentacles forced their way inside of him, stretching him painfully but taking turns worming and striking that wickedly wonderful spot inside of him.

The sweat wetting Alphonse's hair and skin was making even the rougher tentacles molesting him feel slick. He choked, trying unsuccessfully to recoil when his makeshift gag began toying with his tongue and completely forgetting about it when two more suckers latched hungrily onto his penis. The roots buried within the blonde were pounding harder and harder against his prostate and the sucking and caressing all over him was getting rougher and faster.

He came with a hoarse, unheard scream, his body spasming slightly with the force of the pleasure rushing through him, all but short-circuiting Alphonse's equally abused mind. He didn't remember anything of the next few minutes but a thick, foggy haze of white, which he clung to for as long as he could manage. When he finally came back to himself it was with a sick realization that he had not been released. As a matter of fact, the vines where still moving on and in him. Slower, but moving nonetheless.

It was frightening to think that the things could SENSE when he was aware of his surroundings again for almost immediately they picked up at the hard rhythm they'd left off at. Al screamed as loudly as his raw throat would let him, struggling weakly and struggling not to be sick as his body severely wanted to be. The over-stimulation made him jerk and spasm involuntarily, the ferocious pleasure weaning away into discomfort and borderline pain.

He was going to die after all. This thing was going to fuck him to death.

And that was downright ridiculous.

Unfortunately, it was also very true. He was out of strength and his voice was failing but his cock was being coaxed back to life, despite the protests of every other muscle in Al's body, and his prostate was talking an all-new beating.

The sound of the basement door suddenly creaking open made him sob in relief, screaming around his gag and struggling as hard as he possibly could.

"Al? Are you down here? Why the hell are the lights off?" Ed's faintly muffled voice called and, oh thank God, there were footsteps on the stairs. "AL! Where are y—ALPHONSE?!"

The shout of his name that was shocked and confused and angry and protective all at once was the last thing to reach the younger Elric before he succumbed to the darkness lingering at the edges of his frayed mind.

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