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Figured I'd get this all out of the way, before I run around like a MadCoder and pack, clean the car, pick out music, take a shower, wrap the damn presents, make sure I have directions...

The usual drill, folks. Crossposted just about everywhere, natch, and the author's name will take you to the author's page, rather than directly to the story. This will give you a chance to review the warnings, rating, and icons before reading. Or you can click the story title to go directly to the story.

Majo – fanart: 11 pieces
Sakki – fanart: 29 pieces
Chira – fanart: 2 pieces
MoonsheenSome Small Thing | The Chimera Must've Been Watching | A Pleasure, Sir | Portrait of the Pyro as a Young Man | Bathwater | Ex Machina | Blood is a Far More Viable Currency
VikkiStrength | Small

Added to the Adoption Page, with new plot bunnies by ElfFromSpace. Includes a link to a translation of the Hagaren Love 30 Themes challenge. All writers are welcome to come up with their interpretations of the themes, or to adopt the homeless bunnies.

Lots to read and ogle. Enjoy!

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