Vanessa (vanessa_chan) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Pimping ^^

I hope this is alright ^^

7sinvirtueicons You claim a series/pairing/character, and you make 7 heavenly virtue icons and 7 deadly sins. One theme, 14 icons, 2 weeks.

fma_duos A new FMA icon community. Every week you will receive two themes, and will be allowed to make one icon for each theme. However, the thing that makes this community different is that all icons must include two different characters from the show. The two types of themes are character and word themes. For character themes, you are given two characters to make an icon of, and are free to add whatever text you want. For word themes, you are given a word, and must make an icon using that word. For the word theme, you can make an icon of whatever two characters you want. (based off of inu_duos

EDIT: Also pimping 20_songset No, I do not run it, but it needs more luv xD You get a month to do 20 icons to one song.

EDIT: terrierlee asked if anybody wrote up I Will, and I happened to do it a few days ago, so here it is!

( I Will )

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