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I come bearing the site to one thing and to ask another....

FMA Booklet thing

It came with my watch off of e-bay. I forgot who wanted this, sorry.

Question: Could someone point me in the direction of some good Havoc shots (by himself) and some of Fury? I'm in desperate need of them for my new comm background and icons.

Thanks in advance!



First of all, this is my new sn, my old one being savvychaos

Second of all, I made a community for the HavocFury pairing because it seems to get no LJ love, and i think they're the most adorable pairing on the earth. It's fairly new (just created today) and I'm still in process of editing the background and everything else that goes with being a maintainer.

Open membership!

Go there if you're interested---> havocxfury



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