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Well since the openings to FMA have been translated to english, I was wondering if someone could translate Motherland and I Will into English ._.;

I blame my singing spree as a result of this post.

EDIT: I have done the unthinkable. I made a Zeppelin Rap.

Please enjoy: http://s37.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1DVEO5IRSACSM2S4K1EWAICOLF

I'm sorry if it sucks XDD

Yo yo!
I'm a big fat blimp
I like to crush blondies
The ones I love the most
Wear metal limbs
First I went to London
Had a grand old time
Then BAM! I was hit!
Then I fell on this blond
It was the shit yo.
Cause I'm Zeppelin!
I'm big and I'm bad
And I'm after your metal ass!
My sister is the Hindenburg
She fell in New Jersey
But at least I fell somewhere where it starts with an L
Cause I'm a Zeppelin!
I hate blondes named Edward
They piss me off
It must be because of their metal parts
Cause I'm Zeppelin
Yo yo
You don’t believe me?
Better watch your ass or you’ll be zeppelin’d
Cause I’m a Zeppelin
Better watch your ass or you'll be
Yo yo
I’m not playing (repeat)
Cause yo I’m a white girl trying to rap and I suck
But at least I know whut I am
And that’s whut I am
I’m zeppelin (x4)
I hate Edward
I hate his guts
I wish he would DIE
But sadly, he can’t
I really want him to
Cause I’m a zeppelin yo yo
That’s right
I’m a Zeppelin!

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