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Hello all ^^ A little something for you...

Title: The Little Problems in Life
Rating: G
Genre: Humor/General
Note: This is just a little "what if" fic, but it's too long to be a drabble. Anyone ever wonder what Roy and Ed's first incounter would be like if they had met when they were younger? Much younger?


At the age of seventeen, Roy Mustang still may not have known what he wanted, but one thing was for sure; he knew what he didn’t want. And what he didn’t want was to be stuck babysitting a wide-eyed, drippy nose toddler and his brat of an older brother. Alas, the fates (actually, it was just his mother and their next door neighbor) were against him and some how or another they saw it fit to punish him.


 For what? He was still trying to figure that one out. (But it may have had something to do with wrecking his mother’s car- he’d never get the hang of that driving business…) How they thought that a boy who couldn’t manage a car could manage two children he wasn’t sure, but either way he was stuck with them; the Elric Brothers. 


The younger, Al, was a sweet natured, polite and bubbly boy who was eager to please, but a bit shy. (Or so he was described.) The other, Ed, from what he had heard, was nothing (pardon the horrible pun) short of a monster. Roy</st1:city> was familiar with the proverbial judgment of books by their covers though, and he had never been much for passing one without due cause.


Even though he was more than sure that they’d be bratty and smell and just down right ornery…


Roy sighed, ran a hand through his raven hair, and knocked on the Elric’s door. It opened. Odd, he thought. There was no one there. “Hello?” He poked his head inside. He hoped against hope that somehow they had managed to catch their deaths in the time that it took his mother to call them and then send him over, but some how he found that slightly unreasonable, not to mention unlikely. If the oldest Elric boy was as bad as the neighbors made him out to be, Roy didn’t even think a virus would want to be near him.


“Hell-” he started to call again, but was promptly kicked in the shin.


Roy assumed that he had just met Edward.




Don’t ask. I just… felt like writing that ^^”””


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