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Movie Plushie available through Amazon

i was browsing through borders.com to see when the 3rd manga would be released in the US (September 6th for all who wanted to know) but after looking at the other links they had on the page i found this!! ^-^(careful theres a eds clothing spoiler)
its pretty expensive, especially since u can get it elsewhere cheaper (anyone know anywhere? XD) but i was suprised since the series hasn't even completed itself yet. then low and behold i found a kurosaki ichigo from bleach plushie... which is funny since isn't even broadcasting in the US yet.... which is kinda confusing........... but pretty interesting
they also have the ed head pillow(which is absoulutly adorable) and if you go into your local Borders, most of this stuff is convienitly tucked in the shelves behind the cash register ready for purchase. Isn't that cool? :DDDDDD

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