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Colorbars. Again.

Alrighty, since all the requests have slowed down, I can now say that I have 40 42 FullMetal Alchemist colorbars over @ fukikomu. But just so you don't waste your time looking, here's a list of what I have.

Al (Anime & Manga)
Armstrong (Anime)
Barry the Chopper (Manga)
Breda (Anime)
Ed x Roy (Anime)
Ed (Anime & Manga)
Envy (Anime)
Farman (Anime)
Fletcher Tringham (Anime)
Fuery (Anime)
Gluttony (Anime)
Greed (Anime)
Havoc (Anime & Manga)
Hawkeye (Anime & Manga)
Hughes (Anime & Manga)
Hughes Family (Anime)
Izumi (Anime)
Ling (Manga)
Lust (Anime & Manga)
Mei (Manga)
Mustang (Anime & Manga)
Mustang x Hawkeye (Anime & Manga)
Mustang x Hughes (Anime)
Nina (Anime & Manga)
Rose (Anime & Manga)
Russell Tringham (Anime)
Scar (Anime & Manga)
Winry (Anime)
Wrath (Anime)
Hawkeye x Barry (Manga)
Ed x Ling

I hope that's 42. I almost gouged my eyes out just counting them.
They're all here
& I'm still (and probably always will be) opening to requests :D

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