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Hughes and Edward talking

A short drabble of Ed and Hughes in the 1st Branch Library, that's pretty decent. But, what's Ed's mother's name? It seems to have went poof from my memory, and someone has my disks..
Back to lurker mode then.

“Ed, would you like a piece of licorice?” Major Hughes hummed as they sat in the First Branch Library, “You know, my little Alicia loves licorice! She’s turning two soon, what are you getting her?”

The braided blond smiled as he shook his head, he was almost positive not even the Major was allowed to eat in the library. But, he was happy to be back in Central City, even if all the leads he and Al had come upon were dead ends.

Cinnamon sweet wafted to him as the older man waved the length of black candy in his face.
“Edward, Alphonse!” the brunette woman smiled as her sons ran toward her, clinging to her apron on contact.

The smell of cinnamon filled the house as the trio walked in. Black whips of candy lay on the tabletop as the two boys ran to observe.

“Would you like some?” the smile was angelic, beautiful and bright. The brilliance was reserved for her boys.

“I want some!” Alphonse cried, pulling himself into a chair to get a better look at the sweets.

She smiled warmly, running her fingers through her younger son’s hair as she handed him a piece.

“What about you Edward?” she paused to look at the boy still standing beside the table, “Candy says many things about people, and licorice is perfect for the two of you” her voice was soothing as she squatted to hand a section of the black candy to Ed.

“Why?” Alphonse inquired, not taking the candy from the corner of his mouth.

“It is sweet and tangy, coming in a variety of flavors. Both of you are sweet; the tang would be from your surprises, your genius to pick up on things. And, your flavor would be your many talents” her smile did not falter as she stood, dusting her hands on her apron.
Ed’s smile became bittersweet as the memory vanished from the forefront of his mind, “No, thank-you Major”

Hughes raised a sharp brow, “And, why is that? Candy says many things about people you know”

Thin lips pressed together as golden eyes turned to look out the window, staring at the bright sky. They turned down to look at the suit of armor sitting at the front gate with small children climbing over it. Al.

“That’s exactly why,” he murmured, leaning his cheek into his metallic hand.

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