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Four random ficlets

Thought I might share... I gave the opportunity to my friends to challenge me. I ended up with four requests; here they are.

For kira_k: Greed and THIS song / Raring: G; Word count: 148

"You have to obey me!" Dante sneers. "I gave you life!"

"Tainted life, smelling like decay," Greed answers with a shrug. "I never asked you to bring me back."

Dante presses her lips together. The other homunculi were more obedient. "I can give you back your soul. Just stay with me and you'll be powerful beyond your wildest dreams."

Greed shakes his head. "My dreams were humble once and since I awoke like this, my wishes have no ends. I'm Greed, after all. I desire everything - aside you. I don't need your help. I'm powerful enough," his hand changes into dark and diamond-hard; he caresses the woman's face. "No matter what I am, I'm still better than you. I don't need you anymore."

Dante watches him leave, her clenched fists shake. "Just wait up, darling," she hisses, eyes narrowing to slits. "I'll show you, who's the best!"

For cofie: Hohenheim; airport, electric guitar, air conditioner / Raring: PG; Word count: 444; implied Al/Winry & Hohenheim/Trisha

The taxi ride from the airport was Hell. The heat was unbearable; all the lowered windows didn't help because the cars got stuck in a traffic jam. Ed cursed, Al whined quietly and Winry was about to pass out. Hohenheim loosened his tie and wished for a double ice with whiskey while his shirt clung to him more and more uncomfortably as the sweat soaked it.

Once they arrived to the hotel, Ed's cherished electric guitar fell from the heap of luggage. The boy nearly screamed off the clumsy porter's head. Fortunately, the instrument was unharmed.

And as a crown on the events, in their otherwise wonderful suite, the air conditioner was broken. Winry claimed the ice bucket (throwing the champagne out if it) and slammed her door shut. Ed and Al threw off all their clothes and went to take a cold bath. Hohenheim called the reception to announce the problem then collapsed into an armchair and considered a complete shave.

Fortunately, after some ten minutes, the fans began to turn and the golden man sighed with relief. The cool breeze soon filled the room and Hohenheim got rid of his shirt, to feel it on his naked skin. He felt better and decided to order something to eat; he couldn't force even a single bit down on the airplane. Not like the members of 'Goldilocks'.

He stood and walked to the bathroom door to ask his sons if they want anything. Oddly enough, he found the door ajar and as he pushed it open, the most surprising sight greeted him.

"What are you two doing?!"

The Elric boys released each other with a gasp, Al covering his swollen lips, Ed blushing furiously. "It's not like that!" he tried to explain hastily. "Al just..." he lowered his voice, "asked me to show him how it works because he wants to kiss Winry."

Hohenheim let out a relieved sigh. He suspected something like that. "Alright, I'm not angry. However, if it's like that, it's time for a father-son conversation, okay, Al? In the evening, we'll talk."

Alphonse nodded with a small smile and quickly hugged his dad. Hohenheim placed a kiss on top of the dark blond head and left his sons alone.

Back in the peaceful solitude of his own room, he leaned back on the bed and covered his eyes. They were his own sons, for Heaven's sake, then why did the sight make his guts stir with a pleasant ache...? Hohenheim glanced at his watch. Hmm, back at home, Trisha is most probably ready for bed, feeling a little alone...

The man reached for the phone. Dinner could wait another hour.

For owleyes_arisen: Hughes!munculus, Greed, findings, "Everything changes but nothing is lost" / Rating: PG; Word count: 464

None of them expected what they got to see under the ruins of the 5th Laboratory.

Greed marched them back a night later to gather the forgotten red stones. The chimeras never questioned the order; they went in, killed whoever was necessary then stared at the arrays, the blood, the heap of twisted flesh, and the man in military uniform with a colonel's stripes twisting in agony on the floor.

Kimbley kicked the remaining life out of him with a sadistic grin.

Greed stepped to the wheezing creature and crouched down, petting it with a somewhat regretful expression. Then, he ordered his men to get the red stones. The Sin got a barrel for himself and led the formless monster down, to an empty room. He didn't want anybody else to see the transformation.

He watched calmly as the newly born homunculus devoured the reddish-pink liquid. The mass of flesh soon merged into a lean male body with long limbs, strong jaw, slightly slanted eyes, thick, short black hair, and a thin beard framing the handsome face.

The creature sat up and stared at Greed. "Who are you?" he rasped, like somebody, who hasn't spoken since a long time.

"I'm Greed," the Sin replied and walked closer to pet the black hair. Well, finders keepers. This new one was kind of pretty. And a homunculus always has useful powers, which might help to strengthen the little army Greed managed to gather.

"What.. am I?" the next question came and Greed smiled. "A homunculus."

"Homunculus...? What is a homunculus?"

"A creature like you and me. A Sin born from an alchemist's desire. A monster with powers beyond any human's imagination."

"Monster?" The bearded one rubbed his temple. "I don't remember being a monster. All I remember are..." he closed his eyes with a pained expression. "Eyes... green and midnight. Small hands in mine. Softness next to me. And somebody... a male voice saying 'I love you'."

Greed nodded slightly. No matter, how things change, the memories always remain, buried deep into the subconscious.

"Come with me now," the Sin offered his hand. "I'll take care of you. I'll tell you everything later."

The new homunculus nodded and accepted the hand obediently.

As they walked out, the tall Sin spotted something next to the dead soldier. It was a happy family's portrait, a photograph with three smiling faces. It had a few dark stains on it. The man embracing his wife and daughter looked suspiciously like the new homunculus standing next to Greed, eyeing the dead colonel's ashen face thoughtfully. However, the once golden-green gaze was now violet, the creamy skin was paler, and those amethyst eyes didn't need the thin-rimmed, square-shaped glasses anymore.

On a sudden impulse, Greed tucked the photo inside his fur-lined vest.

For Mufurc: GreedxAl, "Life is short and love is always over in the morning" / Rating: PG-13; Word count: 196;

They didn’t need much time.

Al never asked how Greed could be still alive. He merely accepted the fact with open arms and his spine was arching from the bliss this acceptance brought.

Greed never closed his eyes, wanting to drink in the wonderful sight as he worried his teeth over the young alchemist’s creamy skin. ‘This is what I counted on, this is what I felt as I smelled the scent of the blood seal drawn on your armor. I knew you’ll return.’

Al was moaning and panting as the large hands – one marked with a serpent – roamed up and down on his skin. His fingernails dug into the Sin’s shoulders and he screamed as they joined in the heat of passion, wildly, wantonly, nearly as animals use to do.

‘Life is short, enjoy what it can give you; every single minute, breath and flavor.’

Later, when the inferno calmed down to embers, Greed was caressing Alphonse’s face. “I’ll be gone with the morning train. Business, you know.”

Al snickered. “I’ll be gone with the other morning train. Assignment, you know.”

Greed smirked. “I’ll wait for you here.”

Al kissed the homunculus. “I’ll be here.”


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