The Infinite Blue (infinitesimi) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The Infinite Blue

Fic- Friends and Lovers Part One

hi. I have been reading everything posted here for a while and decided it is time to offer something in return. This is my post-series story and it contains SPOILERS FOR EVERYTHING. (more info after you click) I also posted this on, so if you have read it there, there is nothing new yet. This is part one. it contains 18 chapters, but they are SHORT chapters, each about 1000 words or less. so...

Title: Friends and Lovers Part One
Chapters: 1-18
Spoilers: for the entire series and some of the movie
Genre: Romance/Adventure
Pairings: Lots of them
Summary (that doesnt include any spoilers): it's an Ed-comes-home story

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