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FMA2 and Japanese FMA PS2 Games

So I've been playing FMA2 for the first time recently. Almost down with the game. Just entered Chapter 7. I can see why everyone said it's quite similar in ways to Kingdom Hearts (friggen Golems and Heartless are so much alike o_O;) Although that aside, it's certainly ALOT better than Broken Angel was. Both visually and gameplay wise.

Because I'm such an obsessive fan, I'd like to know if anyone has any idea where I can buy a Japanese Playstation 2? A cheap one. >_>; I've gone through Lik-Sang and other well known sites and they charge an insane amount ($200+ for a damn dated console that's been around since 2000 is insane). I've only got two possibilities through eBay, but that's about as best as I could find. I've got no problem finding the games, however. :s

Another question relating to the PS2 games is what exactly is the title of the song played during the FMA3 commercials? I have the song on my comp, but the friggen title is nothing but garbled up letterings. >_>;;

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