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Homunculus Mood Theme

This is a Fullmetal Alchemist mood theme which can be applied to any livejournal. Chibi sins for every mood! You know you want them.

Sample images

You can see this mood theme on my journal (cmshaw) or on the sincest community. It does use images based on the entire series run, and could be considered spoilery.

To use this mood theme on your journal, download it here. This file contains 21 images (GIF format, some animated), a file Credit.txt which is shown below, a file Instructions.txt which explains how to install a mood theme, and two files community.txt and personal.txt which are explained in the instructions. To install a mood theme, you need a paid livejournal account (if you are installing it on a community, the community must be paid)* and an image hosting server which allows remote hosting**.

* You only need to have a paid account while you are installing the mood theme. If the account then lapses to free, the mood theme remains.

** If you want to use this mood theme on a community and you have no access to image hosting, talk to me; I have some image hosting that I might be able to share. Do not use my image hosting without permission!


This mood theme was designed by cmshaw. Images are derivative of the television show Fullmetal Alchemist and no copyright infringement is intended.

The images are based on a Due South mood theme designed by cmshaw and laurakaye, which was in turn based on a Smallville mood theme designed by simplelyric.

Permission is granted to use this mood theme on any livejournal with the following conditions:
1. Credit cmshaw in some way as the designer of this mood theme, either by a statement in the journal's userinfo or by a post in the journal.
2. Images must be uploaded to the user's own image hosting server.

Permission is granted to alter the images in this mood theme and use them in any way consistent with fan artwork, provided that credit is granted to cmshaw for the base images if the altered images are redistributed. (In particular, I would love to see more mood themes with other characters using this style! Especially if anyone can figure out how to get Ed's hair looking right.) Permission is not granted to hotlink to images hosted by cmshaw or by other another user who has not explicitly given permission.


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