Velvet Mace (velvet_mace) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Velvet Mace

Drabble Dump!

I did that meme where people suggest a pairing (or threesome) and a word and you write a drabble and well this is what followed..

( Greed/Hughesmunculus/Roy, grin ) Rated R. Warning implied Rape
( ED/AL/AH, underpants ) Rated PG-13 Adult content.
( Envy/Ed, Tenderness ) PG-13 Warning Brutality
( Hughes + Havoc, knife ) Rated G this one is actually gen.
( Hughes/Havoc, knife ) Rated NC-17, Rape
( Ed/Al/Scar, gauge ) R, Adult themes. Angst.
( Ed/Lust/Scar, gauge ) R, adult themes. Crack
( Russel/Ed/Al/Fletcher, fever ) Rated NC-17 PWP
( Roy/Al, unnerving ) R, non-con, shota, squick, angst.
( Humunculus!Ed x Kitchen Sink, facsimile ) R, crack!

And more...

( Ling/Roy/Ed, Juxtaposition ) R, Adult themes.
( Ed/Al/Scieszka, bookmark ) NC-17
( Havoc/Roy "woobie"-- sorta ) PG-13, Adult themes.
( Havoc/Roy, woobie ) R, non-con, angst.
( Hughes/Ed, brilliance )R, adult themes, angst.
( Roy x Ed x Al, Pillow Fight. ) PG-13 Adult themes
( Envy + Ed + Roy, Socks. )Rated G, gen.
( Roy + Scar, donuts. ) G, gen.

And that's ENOUGH!

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