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Written at 11:30 last night when I got a suprise plotbunny attack. Not that great, not that long, but thought I'd share anyways :)

Title: Going Home
Pairing: Implied AlWinry at the end
Rating: G

It wasn’t long after his arrival in Germany that Edward’s health started deteriorating. It began with a simple cough that was passed off as a cold, but it quickly evolved into hacks and wheezes that kept the young blond in bed.
“He lived in the country before,” his father told the doctor.
“It must be the air. Give him a few days,” the doctor replied.

A few days passed and the sickness grew worse. Edward had trouble speaking, and meals would not stay in his stomach. He hated this world, what with it’s dirty air filled with gas and fumes, and longed to return to his clean, steam-driven homeland. He knew, however, a return would never come.

A few weeks and many medications later, the boy was spent. His face was gaunt from starvation, unable to speak and barely able to breathe. His father sat beside his bed, holding his son’s hand like he was never able to do when he was young.
“I will stay with you for you and your mother,” he said, wishing he didn’t have to. His son scowled and opened his mouth, but no sound emerged. Instead, his face broke into a smile.
I’m going home.

Alchemical light filled the room, dimming to welcome a fresh bouquet of flowers to the world.
“Al, they’re so nice!” the blonde girl exclaimed, thrusting her nose into them and inhaling their perfume.
“But Winry… they were supposed to be roses, not daisies,” Al sighed, disappointed at his mistake.
Winry smiled. “It’s alright. I remember… Edward always did like daisies.”

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