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(fic) He Who Searches For Himself ~ Shameless Plug ^^;;

XD; I have no idea how many people read this. FF.net gives me an idea but that information is not reliable.

I've been writing a Post-Series FMA fanfic entitled "He Who Searches For Himself", which picks up days after episode 51 concludes. It's the on going journey of Edward and Alphonse Elric as they struggle to return their lives to some resemblance of "normal". It's Gen!Fic, Plot!Fic, spoilerific, post-series, non-movie oriented, and getting rather long ^^;;

I had originally run the fic on fanfiction.net but I've decided to move the central location to this LJ (yuuki). LJ > FF.net. I've only got the first 6 chapters uploaded so far, but I'll be uploading more throughout the week (there's 18 chapters to date, still on going).

So, if you've got some spare time and are looking for something to think about before the movie turns up somewhere on the internet, there's some old meat in a new location.


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