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~A Bright Future~ Yaoi fanfic

Warning: This fanfic contains smutty yaoi and may not be worksafe. Also contains spoilers for those who haven't seen the whole series.

((I know I already posted one but I wanted to post another XD)) This one was written the other day out of boredom. (Hah! It's like my new fav pairing >>;; )

Title: A Bright Future
Pairing: Edward Elric X Alphonse Heiderich
Rated: NC-17
Summary: This is actually the first chapter of an ongoing story but I just wanted to post this cause it's pretty on its own. ^_^;; Yaoi

“Hey, you’re back!” Alphonse Heiderich greeted Edward with a smile, looking up from the newspaper he was reading while seated on the couch as Edward entered the apartment. He set the article down on his lap and gazed at the young man.

Edward set his briefcase down beside the coat stand and proceeded to slip out of his long brown duster. He hung it up on one of the few open hooks then shifted his gaze to the seated young man and flashed him a smirk. All he was clad in now was a pair of deep gray pants, a white Edwardian cuffed shirt, a brown vest, and gloves covered his hands one of which was made of prosthetics. After taking off his brown loafers and placing them by the door he sauntered over to the couch and took a seat beside Alphonse.

The young man beside him was quite handsome. Had not leaving the apartment all day Alphonse’s stormy gray suit jacket hung off a coathook, and all he was left in was a white shirt and dark pants with suspenders. He pulled off the look quite nicely, and his short-cut shaggy white-blonde hair really helped his deep blue hues stand out. Edward’s shining gold eyes flashed brightly through the shaggy bangs of straw-blonde hair.

Edward lowered his gaze and a smirk curled across his lips as he leaned in close to the man beside him. “Yeah, I’m back.” The smooth tone of voice made Al’s smile brighten.

“How was it?” he asked him out of curiosity. Edward just responded with a shrug. “It was alright. Those Thule Society folk are getting rather suspicious though. They keep going on and on about completing a Magic Circle to get to a place called Shamballa. It’s all a load of rubbish if ya ask me. They’re just a bunch of wanna-be alchemists.”

“Alchemists?” Alphonse arched a brow. “You mean what you and your brother were back in your world?”

“Yeah,” Ed nodded. “Exactly. Those Thule people also mention something about a giant green serpent. Now that’s something I’m going to look into…could be…you know…” “-that homunculus. “ Alphonse finished for him with a half-smile. “Every new breakthrough, you come closer to finding a way back home.”

Edward lowered his gaze slightly, “Yeah.” His eyes shifted upward and he let his mouth form a small smile. “But I want to take you with me…”

“Really?” Al asked him with a shining look sparkling in his blue eyes.

“Yes….” Ed replied softly. “You mean so much to me now. I-I…I don’t know what I would do without you…Even if I found my Brother….”

Alphonse blushed and looked down slightly, twitching his thumbs. “Ed, I…I don’t know what to say….”

“Just say…yes. Yes you’ll go with me.” Hearing Edward say this only made Al’s blush deepen. Edward leaned in real close and set his hands on Alphonse’s shoulders. “Al…. I love you…I need you….” He looked up at him with a pleading look in his bright golden eyes.

Alphonse beamed and gave him a warm smile. “Alright Ed…When they time comes, I’ll go there with you….”

“Thank you….” Edward purred in his ear and kissed the shell of it. Al could feel his body slowly heating up at the contact. The man’s tongue flicked out and ran along where his lips just brushed against, his hands roamed down from his shoulder along his chest and torso.

“E-Ed!” Alphonse gasped softly, closing his eyes and slowly re-opening them a few times. “What are you doing?”

“Showing you.”

“Showing me what?”

“How much I need you…” Ed replied, his voice deep and husky. His teeth grazed the young mans earlobe and he trailed his tongue along the side of his jaw before placing a kiss on the corner of his mouth. Al could feel himself heating up by them moment and turned his head so he could catch Ed’s lips with his own.

Edward let out a sultry purr as he leaned into the kiss, his lips caressing Al’s to part. After a moment, Al got the message and parted his lips for Edward to enter. Without giving it second though Ed’s tongue flicked out and slid into the other man’s mouth to explore its depths. In return, Al brought his tongue up to brush against Ed’s and their tongues twirling and danced together in the heated passionate moment. Edward slowly slipped his hands into the depths of Alphonse’s trousers and untucked the shirt. Alphonse gasped and pulled away from the kiss to look down at what his lover was doing. “Shall we relocate?” Ed asked with a smirk and Al nodded.

After giving eachother a moment to catch their breath Edward took Al by the hand and led him to the bed where he laid him down and climbed up so he hovered above him. Alphonse let out a soft mewl as Edward dove and to nibble and nip along his neck and collar. He arched his back as Ed’s hands went in for the kill and unlatched the suspenders. In turn, Al unbuttoned Ed’s vest and shirt to help release some of the heat building up. Edward sat up just long enough to toss off the garments before pouncing back on him again.

Alphonse giggled and slid his own pants down, knowing full well what Edward wanted to get at. Ed smiled in return and slipped a hand down into his boxers to wrap it around his throbbing erection. Al closed his eyes and moaned softly as Ed dutifully stroked him, his tongue flicking along his ear. Edward’s grip tightened slightly when Alphonse pushed him back a bit so he could do his own sweet torture to him. He lowered his head to Ed’s bare chest and kissed it before moving his lips over a peaked nibble to suckle it. Ed moans and pumped him harder, Al’s tongue flicked wildly over the swollen bud.

“Al!” Alphonse gasped as Edward pulled back and slid down the boxers. He lowered his head and replaced his hand with his lips. Al let out a soft moan as Ed sucked on him, his tongue swirling over the tip of it. “Ed…more…” he begged and Edward in understanding slid it further into his mouth, his head bobbing up and down, sliding his tongue all along the length. “Oooh…” Hearing those moans only made Edward hotter as his tongue thrashed about and he sucked harder than anyone thought possible. Alphonse moans loudly and arched his hips as his cum shot out of the tip and splashed down the back of Ed’s throat in a bittersweet milky drink, which Ed enjoyed immensely.

“Thanks Ed…” Al whispered and smiled at him as Ed pulled up, licking some cum off his lower lips. “But.”

“But what?” Ed asked.

“Now it’s you’re turn…” Al replied with a grin then proceeded to flip himself over so his buttocks was facing Edward. Ed smiled and removed his lower garments before placing his lower self at Al’s entrance. He apologized quietly as Al winced when he slammed himself in. But the pain was soon forgotten as waves of pleasure rushed through Alphonse, his moans confirming what Ed wanted from him and he echoed those moans, his pace speeding up. He was so hot and tight around him it was almost unbearable. Al’s moans grew louder with each hard thrust Ed put in him, Ed’s volume increasing just the same. This was the most intimate experience for both of them. Sure on other occasions they had given eachother blowjobs, but it wasn’t until now that Edward finally admits his hidden feelings for him and actually made love to him in an intimate way. Neither of them could’ve been happier.

After a few minutes, his speed increasing rapidly, they moaned eachother’s names and Ed gave one final hard thrust. His seed shot out of him into Al’s depths and he just rested there for a moment to catch his breath before pulling out. “How did that feel?” he asked Alphonse softly.

“Wonderful…” Al replied with a warm smile as he lay back and patted next to him for Ed to lie down as well.

Edward took the invitation and lay down beside his lover. “Glad you liked me…”

“More than that Ed…”


“I love you…”

Edward grinned and the two just lay there for a while. They gazed in the heated glow of eachother’s newfound love. At least, they stayed like that until it was time for Edward to cook dinner…. Then the fun was really about to start…


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