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Munich : 1923 (yaoi fanfic not worksafe)

Warning: the following fanfic is yaoi, not worksafe and contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

I wrote this fic back in March before the movie came out. Forgive me if I got anything wrong =D

Title: Munich: 1923
Pairing: Edward Elric X Alphonse Heiderich
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Just another afternnon doing research. PWP Lemon


“Find anything yet, Sempai-san?” asked the timid young voice of the boy Alphonse Heidrich, as he peered up from the book he was reading. Light sparkling blue eyes glistened through the waves of pale blonde, which cascaded and flowed in front of his face.

“No, nothing yet, Al, but I think I might be getting closer. “ Edward replied, shaking his head to shift aside the flows of golden blonde, which blocked his vision from the piles of papers, he was digging through. Deep gold eyes scouring the fields of text, which lay out before him. Slightly frustrated, he reached behind his head with one hand and threaded his fingers through his hair, which was clasped together in a slim ponytail. It still felt awkward at times, to refer to the boy the same way he talked to his brother, but he was used to it by now. After all, this was the Al of ‘this world’. The world which his world used their deaths as energy for alchemy. “That Isaac Newton was a smart man… talking about this thing called ‘gravity’. Sounds very logical, and all the mathematics are written out. “

“Do you think that, along with some of the documents from Goddard and Einstein could help you with your research to get back to your world using the methods of rocket science?” Alphonse inquired, turning a page in the physics book he was reading.

“With what Goddard said, yes, but that Einstein guy’s theories still sound a little rocky to me… Some of his math seems a bit off…” Edward told him, as he shuffled through a few more pages, but still cast a glance at the young boy. He certainly did remind him a lot of his brother…

“Well, you know I still hope you find what you are looking for, Sempai-san. I’ll try to help you the best I can, so you can go back to your world and find your brother…. What did you say his name was again?” Alphonse said to him, blinking at him with a cute little smile.

“Heh…” Edward chuckled as he placed down on the table what he held in his hands, and flashed him a smile in return. “Alphonse…” he answered.

“Oh yes, now I remember…same name as me…” Alphonse giggled with a goofy little grin. “Elric-sempai…” he murmured suddenly, in a very soft tone.

“Yeah Al?” Edward blinked at his sudden change in tone.

“How do you feel about me? Since I remind you so much of your brother and all…But just to let you know, as much like him, as I may seem, I am not him. I, Alphonse Heidrich, am a different person….” Alphonse lowered his eyes and his mouth straightened in a serious manner as he said this, placing his hand on the young man’s.

“I know that Al, of course you are…” Edward replied softly, looking down at his warm delicate little hand. He had become accustomed to this little talk, since they had it several times before. But it had never been this intimate… What could it mean?

“And because we are different, I feel about you differently than he probably does… I don’t think your brother is the incest type is he?” Alphonse said lightly with a soft, playful grin.

“No he’s not…. wait where are you going with this?” Edward asked, as a glowing crimson blush spread across his pale cheeks and he nervously strummed his fingers on the table.

“…. Here,” Alphonse replied with a smirk as he climbed up onto the table, leaned forward, and glancing up at him, with a lustful, yet playful glimmer in his eyes. His heart racing with desire, he placed, a soft chaste kiss on the young man’s lips.

The sudden desirous action caused Edward to gasp softly, placing his hands on either the side of the boy’s face, bringing him in to deepen the kiss. His lips caressed his in return, him having actually felt the same way for quite some time now, though refusing to admit it until that moment.

Pulling back, panting softly, Alphonse looked up at him with shimmering blue eyes. The blue eyes Edward had grown to love. “Edo-sempai, you mean all this time, you…” he asked softly, licking his lips like a hungry cat.

“Yes…” Edward replied, his voice as soft as a gentle whisper as he brought the boy back in for a kiss of his own, this one deeper with more passion and longing. His tongue flicked out, and stroke along Al’s lips, parting them so he could enter his wet cavern to explore around. All while doing this, he tossed of the heavy brown over coat he was wearing and was about to take off his deep gray vest when a pair of hands reached out and placed upon his chest.

“Let me help you…” Alphonse murmured into the kiss, as his nimble hands unfastened all the buttons that held the vest closed and slid it off the older male, tossing it with the coat. Slowly, he moved onto the white shirt and undid all the buttons as well, parting it so he could explore the male’s chest. All those muscular curves felt like the rolling hills of heaven beneath his touch, and his lips enjoyed the much given attention from Edward’s heated ones.

Edward let out a small moan as he felt the boy’s hands run along the lines of his chest and abdomen. His tongue delved deeper inside as he placed his hands hard on Al’s shoulders to push him back slightly and he kneeled on his knees on his chair, leaning his head in to make the kiss even more heated and intimate.

After wonderful minutes of heated passionate kissing, their lips barely leaving eachother’s, they finally parted, panting in shallow heated breaths, gazing longingly at one-another. Licking his lips, the younger male gazed down to the crotch region of the elder man’s hips and crawled near him placing his hand on the clasp that held his pants together. Nodding to give him his permission, Edward flashed him a warm smile.

Taking this as a cue to continue, Alphonse undid the clasp and pulled down the zipper, revealing the hardened arousal inside. Smirking as he heard his sempai let out a soft, longing moan, he lowered his head and placed his warm lips over the tip, caressing it in slick kisses. Edward gasped at the contact and placed his hands on the boy’s head to push him deeper down on his length. Obeying his plea, Al went down lower, engulfing most of it in his mouth and while sucking slowly, ran his tongue along the sides. The older blonde let out a rough moan as he arched his bucks, rocking his hips slightly.

How did he get himself into these situations? Ah well, he might as well enjoy it while it lasted… Especially if it only turned out to be a ruse, since the younger male had been in rut lately and couldn’t think as clearly. But if what he said were true, then he would be more than willing to accept him. He’d just have to wait and see…

Hearing his moan of pleasure, Al sucked even harder his tongue caressing around the sides and his lips sliding up and down his length. Edward sucked in his breath and bit back the loud moan he was feeling, since they were an office building and it would be bad if someone had heard and walked in. It wouldn’t be long now until he would come. Sensuous minutes of heated rough sucking and the thrusting of his hips, and Edward came, moaning loudly, as his seed burst through his tip and washed down the throat of the younger male. Al swallowed every last drop without complaint, then climbed more on top of the young man and rested there, laying his head on his chest. Smiling softly at the boy, Edward placed a hand on his head and stroked his hair.

“Edo-sempai?” came the soft voice of Alphonse once more, though he spoke tired and sleepily.

“Mm?” Edward blinked at him, curious.

“…Aishiteru……” Alphonse whispered nuzzling against him.

“Hai…” Edward replied softly, “Aishiteru…koibito…”

With those warm words being said, both boys closed their eyes and fell asleep for a brief nap. They both still had much work to do. And if Edward wanted to ever see his brother again, he needed his strength for studying. Though is his return to Amestris was delayed, he wouldn’t mind staying in Munich longer one bit…

Munich, 1923…


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